5 ways to stay healthy when you travel

(MoneyWatch) Whether you’re traveling for work or vacation this summer, there’s something about hitting the road that allows healthy habits to take a vacation, too. Sure, you can blame willpower. But logistics are also a problem, as I was reminded while trying to buy snacks for my kids in the Seattle airport recently. Nacho cheese flavored Combos abounded. Fruit? Not so much.

But there are ways to mitigate the damage — which is worth doing if you spend big chunks of your work week traveling. A few ideas:

1. Find a gym. There are lots of hotels out there, so it may be worth prioritizing those that have decent fitness facilities (or are near awesome running trails). Packing sneakers and workout clothes adds to your luggage, of course, though less than you might think. Another option? Take up swimming and stay in hotels with reasonable pools. Anyone can squeeze a swimsuit and goggles into a carry-on.

2. Map out workout times. It doesn’t help to stay in a hotel with a gym if you don’t use it, but the upside of jet lag is that you may be awake at times you’d never consider accessible at home. Of course, getting up early requires paying attention to idea #3.

3. Stop at 2 drinks. Yes, you’re probably traveling to meet people, and part of that is going out to dinner and networking events, but it’s that much harder to exercise and eat right — and get adequate sleep — when you’re jet-lagged and hung over.

4. Restrain yourself at meals. I love steak and bacon, and if you’re eating in restaurants for 3 meals a day, a day can easily feature both. But you might remind yourself that this is not your last meal. The fish and vegetarian options might be worth an occasional look as well.

5. Snack smart. Skip the soda — it’s worthless. If your food options are limited to convenience store fare, plain pretzels may be your best bet.

How do you stay healthy on the road?

Photo courtesy flickr user puuikibeach