Strategies: Best transport apps for tiny business

These apps work good offline and on Wi-Fi so we can equivocate dungeon information charges internationally,

Travel is an essential partial of many tiny businesses’ success. But business transport can be a hassle, generally for those of us in tiny business who frequency get �lite road-warrior upgrades. But you’ve got an vicious transport apparatus right there in your slot or purse — your smartphone.

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And I’ve got some tried-and-true recommendations of a best tiny business transport apps to bucket on it.

I transport a lot for my tiny business — during slightest once a month, 9 or 10 months a year. we fly to accommodate business and prospects. We go to trade shows and conferences or to revisit suppliers.

And I’m advantageous to transport all over a nation — all over a universe — to give speeches on entrepreneurship.

I need to stay in hold with my business and my family and to tarry wherever we am. I’m also inexpensive and like to equivocate regulating costly mobile services when we transport internationally, so we demeanour for apps that work good offline or on Wi-Fi.

Here are some small-business transport apps we count on. All are accessible for Apple iOS and Android. Just go to a app store on your phone:

Viber. This giveaway app enables we to make giveaway voice calls or send giveaway texts anywhere in a universe to other Viber users over Wi-Fi.

Just make certain that your staff and family have downloaded Viber to their smartphones and have them listen for a particular ring. I’ve used Viber in India, Kuwait, Turkey and other far-flung places. Every time a peculiarity has been great.

Other options: Skype for voice, WhatsApp for texts.

Kayak. we count on a Kayak app to assistance me find and review prices on flights and, to a obtuse degree, hotels and automobile rentals.

But we have to be connected — around Wi-Fi or mobile — to entrance data.

TripIt. we recently downloaded this giveaway app and already rest on it.

It also has a reward version.

Whenever we make a plane, hotel or automobile reservation, we brazen a e-mail to TripIt. It automatically organizes and keeps lane of my details.

With a downloaded app, we simply entrance all my outing sum on my phone even though Wi-Fi or dungeon access. we also can share my sum with comparison staff and family.

• Currency converter. If we transport internationally, a banking converter app is a must.

Download updated information about a currencies you’re going to use on your outing possibly before we go or when we have Wi-Fi access. Then we can do evident conversions on a go — during a restaurant, market, hotel — even when you’re offline.

I use one from Oanda.

• Flashlight. This is a handy-dandy app in all kinds of situations though generally when we travel.

You’ll find lots of giveaway flashlight apps in your app store.

Dropbox. If we use Dropbox as a record pity and storage device on your computer, this app gives we entrance to all your files on a go.

Just download a Dropbox app when we have Wi-Fi service.

Nook. You don’t have to buy an e-reader device such as a Nook or Kindle to have e-books during your fingertips.

I use a Nook app on my iPhone and iPad to lift and review any series of books, including transport guides. Just squeeze your books before we leave a United States and download when we have Wi-Fi.

USA TODAY. Of course!

You can’t leave a news behind. Just make certain you’re on Wi-Fi to see a stories and video.

Most important: After recently carrying my iPhone pickpocketed in Paris, I’ve been reminded that it’s vicious to set your phone to be wiped purify if someone tries to mangle into it, generally if it is related to your association e-mail and documents.

On an iPhone, go to “Settings,” select “General,” afterwards select “Passcode Lock.” Enter your passcode, select “Erase Data.” This wipes your phone totally purify after 10 unsuccessful attempts to entrance it. (Just make certain you’ve corroborated your information up.)

I got my iPhone behind interjection to some quick-acting clandestine cops. Thank goodness.

Tell me your favorite app for business travel: @RhondaAbrams on Twitter or as a criticism on this column.

Rhonda Abrams is boss of The Planning Shop and publisher of books for entrepreneurs. Her many new book is Entrepreneurship: A Real-World Approach. Register for Rhonda’s giveaway newsletter during Twitter: @RhondaAbrams. Facebook: Rhonda Abrams 2013.