FLOTUS Travel Journal: Kicking Off Our Trip to Africa

Today, my husband, President Obama, and I, along with a daughters, are streamer to Africa – to Senegal, South Africa, and Tanzania – and we wish immature people all opposite America to join us!

This is such an important trip since Africa is such an vicious partner to a United States on so many of a issues confronting a universe currently – from meridian change and terrorism, to misery and disease, to a plea of formulating jobs in a tellurian economy. And some-more than ever before, a success here in a U.S. is tied to a success of other countries around a universe – in so many ways, we will all arise or tumble together. So it’s vicious that immature people like we rise a tellurian viewpoint as adults of a universe – it’s vicious that we follow not only what’s function in a news here in a U.S., though what’s function all around a world, including a general travels and policies of a President. Because when it comes to a issues a countries face, immature people like we – both here in a United States and opposite Africa – will have to work together to lead a way. In a entrance years, we all will be building a businesses, and creation a systematic discoveries, and drafting a laws and policies that will pierce a countries – and a universe – brazen for decades to come.

That’s why, when we visited Africa behind in 2011, we spent many of my time with passionate, dynamic, moving immature people, listening to their stories and pity my own. we also had a payoff of assembly one of a biggest heroes that Africa – and a universe – has ever known: former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela. President Mandela is in a sanatorium right now, and he is really most in a thoughts and prayers. I’ll be essay some-more about President Mandela’s unusual contributions to story – and what we can all do in a possess lives to live adult to his bequest – in destiny blog posts.

On this trip, I’ll once again be focusing on immature people: I’ll be hosting a tyro city gymnasium where I’ll be emphasizing a significance of education…I’ll be visiting a propagandize where immature women are training to turn a subsequent era of leaders in their country… I’ll be attending a opening by a girl dance and exercices unit who are training about focus, loyalty and goal-setting as they turn achieved performers…and I’ll be going to vicious informative and chronological sites as well.

I wish immature people here in a U.S. to join me on this tour so that we can rivet with – and learn from – a African students we accommodate and knowledge a abounding enlightenment and story of any of these countries right alongside me. All we have to do is get online:

  • For updates from a road, follow my new Instagram comment @MichelleObama and check out @FLOTUS on Twitter.
  • Every day on a White House blog, we can check out my transport biography – that will embody photos and videos – to learn some-more about a places we revisit and a people we meet.
  • On Saturday, Jun 29th, during 9:30am EST, I’ll be hosting a special city gymnasium that connects immature people in South Africa with immature people in a U.S. by a Google+ Hangout. we would adore for we to join! Watch it live right here.
  • Use a hashtag #FLOTUSinAfrica to plead a outing and ask your questions – I’ll be responding some of these questions via a trip.

I wish we can join me for this vicious and sparkling trip!

Michelle Obama is a First Lady of a United States

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