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If we are roving alone, find a grill where we can eat during a bar. You can speak to a other people and to a bartender. Better than reading during a list by yourself.

Kathleen Milnes

Pacific Palisades

Always lift an additional span of hosiery and underwear in your carry-on bag. That way, you’re rather prepared if a airline loses your luggage.

Bridget Regea

North Hollywood

Whether it is for domestic or general travel, lift an prolongation cord. This helps if we have mixed inclination that need charging and means we have to entrance that untimely wall opening usually once instead of over and over.

Joseph Roth

West Los Angeles

Carry during slightest 3 credit cards. Having mislaid my wallet in Paris, where both of us were carrying a same dual cards, we now never transport but three. One is common to both of us, that is a primary, and afterwards we both lift a apart one. That way, if a wallet or purse disappears (for whatever reason), a other associate still has one label that is usable.

Art Cravets


If we lift a reusable cosmetic H2O bottle when we fly, you’ll need to keep it clean. My favorite vessel is a SoftBottle by Platypus. It’s simply filled during celebration fountains post-security check and shrinks in distance as we go (collapsing to scarcely prosaic when empty). we keep my bottle purify and mold-free by storing it with a top off and spasmodic rinsing with prohibited H2O and a dump of bleach.

Stephen Bridges

Palm Springs

Make certain we mislay those end explain check profits on your luggage on attainment during your destination. Often they are not, ensuing in misdirected luggage. If we check in with those still attached, don’t be astounded if your suitcases are wrongly routed. Best gamble is to discharge any intensity mishaps by pulling them off once your luggage is behind in your possession.

Kyle Kimbrell

Playa del Rey

Carry a pivotal ring we can give back. Many automobile let companies give we a handful of several keys and an ID tab on a pivotal ring wire that can't be opened. we lift my possess 1-inch pivotal rings, cut a wire and store many of a keys in my luggage. we lift one key. When we lapse a automobile we put all on one pivotal ring. So far, no automobile let place has beheld a new pivotal ring.

Sterling Pennington

La Mirada

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