Travel nightmare: Dakar, Dhaka — what’s a difference?

How something this weird could occur illustrates how a singular confusion on an airline’s partial can cascade into a transport calamity of epic proportions.

It also highlights how patron use can be found lacking, quite in light of a fact that Valdivieso spent months perplexing to secure some arrange of remuneration from a carrier, Turkish Airlines, though perceived zero though runaround.

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  • David Lazarus

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“I have called them any Friday for a past 4 months,” conspicuous Valdivieso, 31, who works as an educational advisor during UCLA. “They told me any time that they will examination my box and get behind to me. But they never do.”

Rick Seaney, co-founder of a transport website, conspicuous he’s listened fear stories about travelers messing adult their itineraries, though never a conditions in that an airline was obliged for promulgation passengers to a wrong side of a world.

“This is usually brutal,” he said. “A lot worse than losing your bag.”

Actually, a airline did that too.

Valdivieso and her husband, Santa Monica martial humanities instructor Triet Vo, 39, were streamer to Africa since a former co-worker of Valdivieso’s had invited them to revisit him in Senegal.

At a heart of a problem was a elementary three-letter airfield code, such as LAX for Los Angeles International Airport or SFO for San Francisco International Airport.

The formula for a airfield in Dakar, collateral of Senegal, is DKR. The formula for a airfield in Dhaka, collateral of Bangladesh, is DAC.

For a geographically challenged, Dakar is a westernmost city on a African mainland. Dhaka is about 6,900 miles divided in South Asia. They are on opposite continents.

When Valdivieso requisitioned their Dec moody from Los Angeles to Dakar, around Istanbul, a $2,700 tickets released by Turkish Airlines showed a channel as LAX-IST and afterwards IST-DAC. The baggage-claim profits showed their luggage was likewise firm for DAC.

Valdivieso and her father are gifted travelers, though conjunction had ever been to Senegal or Bangladesh. They had no thought that DAC was for Dhaka, not Dakar.

The initial leg of a tour went smoothly. The integrate arrived in Istanbul jet-lagged though nothing a worse for wear. They had about 4 hours to kill during a Turkish airport. Then they boarded a moody for a second leg of a trip.

It’s satisfactory during this indicate to consternation because they were incompetent to mark that they were removing on a wrong plane. Valdivieso conspicuous that, in hindsight, they substantially should have finished some-more to make certain all was well.

“I theory we were usually going by a moody series on a tickets, and that DAC was printed on them,” she said. “You usually assume that all is correct.”

Even after they’d staid into their seats — 33A and 33B in economy category — they had no thought anything was amiss.

“When a moody attendant conspicuous we were streamer to Dhaka, we believed that this was how we conspicuous ‘Dakar’ with a Turkish accent,” Valdivieso said.

The integrate fast fell asleep. It wasn’t until several hours after that they woke adult and beheld a transport map on a beyond video shade display a plcae of a plane. They were over a Middle East.

It was usually afterwards that Valdivieso and her father looked around and satisfied that a craft was full of people who looked Asian, not African.