How To Create A Protective Energy Field – QiQong

3TreasuresHealing header How To Create A Protective Energy Field   QiQongMany people ask me what they can do to strengthen themselves from outward influences. This is one of my favorite safeguarding meditations from my Medical Qigong teacher, Dr Jerry Alan Johnson.

This imagining is good to do before commencement your day of recovering work or anytime we feel we need additional insurance like entering a hospital, transport or airport. Additionally, if we have tendencies to a collapsed, isolated or any auric margin issues, adding this imagining to your daily slight would be good advised. In my classes, we have people feel any other’s auric margin before and after this meditation.

This sold imagining called a Wu Zang insurance imagining comes from a Ming Dynasty. In hospitals in China, doctors would perform a imagining before treating patients.  In China, Wu means 5 and Zang means Organs; thus, a imagining is a insurance for your 5 viscera and also links we to a safeguarding energies of sky and earth.  Feel a ancient tradition of Chinese medicine related with a archetypical energies of a animals, directions, colors and devout qualities of a organ energies; this will assistance make a imagining even some-more absolute for you.


Start by focusing on a core of your body.  Imagine opening adult a tip of your conduct and being to lift qi from a heavens.  Imagine a boundless light as a splendid resplendent light, stuffing your whole physique by a tip of a head.  Imagine this white light appetite coalescing into a body’s core core, combining a tube of celestial appetite that extends from a tip of your conduct to a bottom of your feet.

Imagine a following by focusing on any organ, 1 during a time, as described below:

  • Imagine a golden yellow obscurity of qi outset from underneath a Earth and stuffing your physique and joining with a Spleen organ.  Feel this golden light of earth appetite decorate your core core of boundless white light energy, merging together.  This represents a appetite of your goal (yi) to base and stabilise your power.
  • Begin to concentration on your heart and suppose a portal opening and a qi issuing out your heart like a red swirling breeze in front of you, full of power, safeguarding we with your suggestion (shen) in a form of a burning red phoenix. The red phoenix represents your inherited sprit, alive seemly and powerful.
  • Focus on your back, generally a kidneys. Imagine a portal opening and a qi issuing from a kidney area like water.  From this H2O grows an huge black turtle and snake. The bombard of a turtle protects we like a competence shield, and a lizard is staid to conflict anyone who approaches from a rear. The turtle represents your ancestral energy, safeguarding we and ancillary we as good as your willpower (zhi) to survive.
  •  Place your courtesy on your lungs and daydream a portal opening on a right side of your physique underneath a right ribs. Imagine a lung qi issuing out a right side of your physique like steam combining a white tiger as clever as steel.  Imagine a tiger with 4 nails and teeth and 5 weapons. The tiger represents a element soul, a body’s animal inlet (po); it guards and protects we with an animal passion for survival.
  • Place your courtesy on a liver and daydream a portal on a left side of your physique underneath a left ribs (the yang appetite of liver is vigourously on a left). Imagine a liver qi issuing out a left side of your physique like steam, combining a immature dragon, tough and resilient.   Imagine a dragon with 4 claws, teeth and tail to make 6 weapons.  The dragon represents a body’s boundless inlet (hun), guarding and safeguarding we with a devout passion for victory.

Imagine a animals start rotating to a left (counterclockwise), any one protecting, stalking and fortifying a prior animal’s position. Slowly being to round these archetypical energies and gradually boost their speed until they are spinning faster and faster. As they spin faster and faster and whisk around you, a colors and powers mix together into a cocoon of safeguarding energy.

After combining a safeguarding rainbow appetite burble around your body, pull a energies behind in by a climax indicate (baihui) and lapse a appetite of any organ behind to it’s origin. (red to heart, dim blue to a kidneys, immature to a liver, and white to a lungs). As a colors lapse behind to their organ of origin, suppose steam issuing adult out of a pores and stuffing adult a appetite burble in your auric margin combined by a animal’s rotations.  This forms a plain tie between a body’s inner viscera and a body’s outmost margin of energy.

When a insurance of a physique with a Five Elements is done.  Imagine a 7 stimulating lights of a Big Dipper resplendent above your conduct like diamonds.  The enlightenment of these 7 sparking stars paint your devout tie to a will of heaven.  You can now perform your activities meaningful that we are physically, vigourously and spiritually protected.

Reference: Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy Volume 3: Differential Diagnosis, Clinical Foundations, Treatment Principles and Clinical Protocols (pages 264-265)

By Professor Jerry Alan Johnson and Class Notes

Lisa VanOstrand is a Doctor of Medical Qigong (China), Dean of Psychology during a International Institute of Medical Qigong, former Dean of Advanced Studies during Barbara Brennan School of Healing and Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Core Energetic Therapist. She teaches classes in Energy Healing and Qigong during several locations in a US.