Panama Lots For Sale from The Panama Collection

ThePanamaCollectionHeader Panama Lots For Sale from The Panama CollectionPanama is one of a fastest flourishing skill and investment opportunities in a world. While a genuine estate in Panama offers extensive value – it is a low cost of vital that unequivocally attracts people to Panama.

The Panama Collection comparison Ocean Ridge Estates for a primitive healthy beauty and ideal location. Located usually 1 hour from Santiago and 3 ½ hours from Panama City it is ideal for retirement and investment genuine estate.

Ocean Ridge Estates is design perfect, bordered to a north by a Rio Negro (Black River), towering views in all directions, and a Pacific Ocean 4 miles to a west.

Lots 4,5 and 6 are flattering similar. All are bordered by a Black River, a largest stream in a segment (see photo).

river lot 5 Panama Lots For Sale from The Panama Collection

All of them are immeasurable parcels, around 7 acres, ideal for putting together your really possess nation estate. You can have adult to 3 horses, fruit orchards, immeasurable gardens, walking trails, etc. About a usually reduction is your imagination.

lot 5 Panama Lots For Sale from The Panama Collection

All 3 lots offer some sea view, though a categorical visible interest will be a immeasurable towering views (see photos). Monkeys, parrots and many other animals are common here on a project; it’s easy to see because a name of this area is indeed Paradise !

lot 5 easterly perspective Panama Lots For Sale from The Panama CollectionAt Ocean Ridge Estates we can truly have it all – a tip peculiarity lifestyle for a really affordable price. Contact us with any questions we have, and start anticipating out how we can have your really possess square of paradise.

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