Mumbai to a Max

Dear Victoria,

I am going to Mumbai for a initial time and, as a lady roving on my own, we am a small nervous. we shall be going on to southern India to accommodate friends.

London, England


Dear Lucy,

What a fun to go to Mumbai—it’s now a buzziest city on Earth. I’ve popped over only for a weekend, in fact, to get my pearls fixed. However, we do know your concern, and your answer is a Oberoi Hotel ( on a Queen’s Necklace—also famous as Marine Drive, a highway that curves along a Arabian Sea and looks like a lustrous fibre of pearls during night (if you’re feeling imaginative). Make certain your servant during a Oberoi is Georgette—she’s one of a best in a world, and intensely discreet. (When my father died, she packaged for me, dressed me, comforted me, and realistically put me in a automobile with a box of Kleenex.) And your motorist can also be a woman—unique in India. we suggest engagement transport arrangements by Greaves (, whose staff are magnificently veteran and will have a Greaves deputy there to accommodate we during a airfield as we disembark and drive we to a Oberoi. You’ll expected arrive in a center of a night, so get Greaves to book a massage during a hotel. The sauna is open 24/7 (genius), and a diagnosis before we nap will be only a ticket.

by a way: Good Earth ( is a many smashing emporium for domicile goods, miraculous throws, bed linens, tablecloths. And they will ship. Burlington’s in a Taj Mahal Palace hotel ( has glorious tailors. Best to take something for them to copy. It will arrive behind in England lovingly wrapped in The Times of India.

my favorite: we adore a Dome, a bar during a Intercontinental hotel ( on Marine Drive: white-linen sofas and a thrust pool. No one plunges, by a way. God forbid. Cartier took over a whole place for a swanky dinner, though I’ve felt comfy only carrying a stimulating H2O with my niece. Also Wasabi by Morimoto, a glorious Japanese grill in a Taj, with a private tatami list in a turret unaware a Gateway to India.