Medical Qiqong – The Medicine of a Future

3TreasuresHealing header Medical Qiqong   The Medicine of a Future On a Feb 15th, 2007 partial of a Oprah show, Dr. Mehmet Oz, a remarkable NY surgeon and medical advocate, sited appetite medicine as a medicine of a future. Quoting from Dr. Oz, “The reason I’m so vehement and ardent about choice medicine is a globalization of medicine.” According to Dr. Oz, choice medicines bargain with a body’s energy, something that normal Western medicine generally does not recognize.

According to Jerry Alan Johnson, author of Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy, Qigong is a multiple of dual ideas: “Qi” (pronounced chee), which means air, breath
of life, or critical appetite that flows by all things in a universe, and
“Gong (pronounced gung, as in lung), which means a ability of operative with,
or cultivating, self-discipline and achievement. Together Qigong means a ability of cultivating critical energy, or a ability to work with a electromagnetic appetite of a body. The physique is enveloped by Qi (electromagnetic currents), that sustains life; it is benefaction in any dungeon of a physique and affects both inner and outmost organ functions.

Jerry Alan Johnson sites Medical Qigong as one of a 4 categorical branches of
Chinese medicine; a others are acupuncture, herbal medicine, and medical
massage. Medical Qigong is a investigate of a enterprising map of a physique formed on exemplary and alchemical Chinese medicine as good as some-more normal Chinese medicine. Medical Qigong techniques can be used on oneself for self-cultivation or on others as recovering protocols. Prescription exercises, meditations, and recovering protocols raise body, mind, and spirit, though they can also residence a energetics of specific illness patterns. Healing occurs by balancing Qi and treating a customer as a whole system.

Disease is caused by recession or blockage (energy not moving) and/or scarcity (not adequate energy). The bottom line is that a customer contingency mislay a recession and take stairs to safeguard that recession does not lapse to a earthy body, or any of a pointed bodies, where there are fundamental weaknesses. The time indispensable to mislay such blockages depends on how low a settlement is, quite if any form of illness has infiltrated a earthy physique and if a condition has existed for any length of time. The same line of logic relates to deficiency, where any deficient areas contingency be strengthened. Often times a scarcity and blockage start during a same time. Therefore, a idea of all recovering is not to only provide symptoms though to establish any client’s sold imbalances and find a base cause(s).

Self-practice is an critical partial of a customer holding shortcoming for their possess recovering process, and it speeds adult a work achieved by outward sources. Self-practice includes a following:

  • Meditation and devout practices in whatever devout trail a customer feels many desirous by. This assists clients in joining to something incomparable than themselves and bargain their condition from a larger viewpoint of wholeness.
  • Dietary changes to support in stealing recession and giving support to any deficiencies.
  • Medical qigong exercises achieved daily for sold conditions. These exercises mix a use of exhale with particular earthy movements, artistic visualization, and intention. The primary idea is to inform poisonous emotions from within a body’s tissues, discharge enterprising stagnation, as good as strengthen and change a inner viscera and enterprising fields.

When operative with outward sources:

  • Medical Qigong healing strives to change a earthy and pointed bodies and emanate new imprints. Healing can trigger changes during all levels: physical, energetic, emotional/mental, and spiritual. The gifted healer understands a attribute between a earthy physique and a pointed bodies as good as a interrelationship between elements, organs, meridians, chakras, and illness patterns.
  • In addition, Medical Qigong uses Personal Process Therapy to residence psychological issues and transparent a emotional/mental bodies. For example, earthy illness can be a outcome of long-standing romantic suppression. It is also equally critical to plea singular or fake faith systems and to have support for compulsory lifestyle changes. In theory, body, mind, and suggestion can be separated, though in experience, body-mind-spirit are opposite measure of a same tellurian consciousness. Medical Qigong exercises, such as dry great and violence a bag, are only dual of a many ways that Medical Qigong practitioners work to solve romantic issues.

Although miracles can and do happen, recovering and mutation are generally tough work. When dis-ease is present, vital changes are customarily compulsory during all levels (physical, energetic, emotional/mental, and spiritual), and any of these levels, other than a physical, can be deliberate as a pointed physique or margin that surrounds and penetrates a earthy body. Medical Qigong provides one enterprising recovering modality for any one of us to strech a full potential.

Source: “Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: A Comprehensive Clinical Text” by Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson

Lisa Van Ostrand is Doctor of Medical Qigong (China), Dean of Psychology during a International Institute of Medical Qigong, former vanguard of Advanced Studies during Barbara Brennan School of Healing, and a core enterprising therapist. She teaches classes in Medical Qigong during several locations in a US. Contact: