The Ocean Ridge Report – Dec 2012

Hola destiny neighbors, and acquire to a latest book of The Ocean Ridge Report. After a lightest stormy deteriorate that anybody around here can remember, we’re all settling into a good dry verano (summer).
The stream is down, a watermelons are planted, and a integrate trillion stars are out during night. As usual, good things are function in a area, so let’s burst right in:

1) Let’s build another house. Even yet Tom and Stephanie (lot 7) are substantially 5 – 7 years divided from a full time pierce to Panama, they’ve done a correct preference to build now while prices are still low. The substructure is entrance right along , and a residence should be some-more or reduction finished by subsequent June. It’s going to be a pleasing dual story savage – we only wish it’s large adequate for dual people!
31aa2 lot 7 substructure The Ocean Ridge Report  Dec 2012

By a way, they need to come adult with a name for their place, if anybody has any ideas. we suggested “Tom’s House of Pleasure”, though we consider Stephanie vetoed that one.

2) Santiago happenings. Santiago is usually apropos one of a “in” cities in Panama, mostly since of a executive plcae in a country. The race has left over 70,000, with new amenities entrance in all a time. The new 6 story sanatorium is impending completion, and will be a many difficult medical trickery in a whole interior of a country. It will have whole floors dedicated to cardiology and oncology, with state of a art evidence apparatus throughout. The new supermall has been started, and should open within dual years. The hotel Mykonos has only opened, and is one of a few 4 star hotels outward of Panama City. Not certain how most business they’ll get during $130/night, though it’s a good choice for we players out there. Supposedly Mel Gibson owns half a place, though we haven’t seen him unresolved around.

31aa2 Santiago sanatorium The Ocean Ridge Report  Dec 2012

31aa2 Santiago mall construction The Ocean Ridge Report  Dec 2012

31aa2 Mykonos The Ocean Ridge Report  Dec 2012

3) Insurance matters. After a common consummate and perfected research, we’ve purchased word for a house. The cost is $378/year for $200,000 in coverage, reduction than one fourth a cost of a identical process we have on one of my properties in Florida. We already submitted a explain for some roof damage, and they paid a full volume promptly, with nothing of a hassles that we have to go by in a states. we consider we like Panama.

We also shopped extensively for automobile insurance, that is a small some-more expensive; about half as most as we compensate for identical coverage in a states. When we make a pierce to Panama, we consider we’ll have we lonesome for any word needs that we competence have. We’re still researching health insurance; seems to be some-more complicated, so I’ll get behind to we on that one.

Once again, we are a unapproachable winners of a desired “Best Decorated House in a Neighborhood” award. You guys are creation it easy on us – maybe subsequent year Tom and Stephanie will yield some competition.

31aa2 Christmas lights The Ocean Ridge Report  Dec 2012

Have a good Christmas, Hanukah, Ramadan, or whatever your warning is.

Jay and Patricia

Jay Stafford
954-309-2837 dungeon in Florida
507-6679-7540 dungeon in Panama

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