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Modern Mermaids Organic Vitalizing Fruit Veggie Wash – “because we need to breathe while we clean!”

Eco VeggieWash Organic Fruit  Veggie Wash   EcoSimplistaStrawberries, apples, spinach and carrots….we don’t always know where they came from but we do know how to clean them! From road grit to dangerous pesticide residue, produce can’t be rinsed with just water anymore. How does our product help? This soap based, non-acidic wash works by both attracting and repelling water simultaneously, safely removing dirt and chemical residues that plain water will not. Spray directly on produce, rinse and dry or simple spray into bowl of water, soak, rinse and dry. Stay healthy, eat your fruits veggies….and clean ‘em first!

Contains Purified water, Fatty Acids, Coconut Oil, Organic Alcohol(from sugar and oats and cooked off), Folic Acid, Minerals and Enzymes derived from Edible and Seed bearing plants.

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