Naples food guide: Where to find a best internal dishes

We know – a only place to eat Neapolitan food is during your Neapolitan mother’s house.

But let’s contend we don’t have a Neapolitan mother.

Let’s contend we have no Neapolitan kin and no Neapolitan friends. Let’s contend you’re usually a inspired foreigner in a bizarre land and we wish a subsequent best thing to m’m’te‘s home cooking. 

Try this roundup of Naples places to eat Neapolitan food a internal mom would approve.


What? You didn’t know pizza was invented in Naples? Here’s a pile-up course.

Arabic-inspired flatbreads had prolonged been done in Naples, though chefs during Pizzeria Brandi felt that Queen Margherita’s revisit in 1889 called for something special: pizza mix surfaced with tomato sauce, mozzarella di bufala and basil.

When a stately justice voiced eager capitulation of a new pizza recipe, it became afterward famous as pizza margherita.

Many Italians decider a pizzeria formed on a pizza margherita, though if we wish something different, there’s a classical pizza alla napoletana, with anchovies, olives, pickles, capers and oregano.

Other Neapolitan pizzeria dishes embody a ever-popular calzoni and panzerotti: deep-fried mozzarella pockets. 

Wood glow pizza ovenThe hearth of pizza margherita calls for a cut with cheesy tomatoes on stone-oven baked crust. L’Antica Pizzeria Brandi

Feeding Neapolitans given 1780, Pizzeria Brandi is a hearth of pizza margherita.

In other words, your initial requisite stop.

Salita Sant’Anna di Palazzo, 1-2; +39 08 1416 928;

Di Matteo

Beloved by locals for a reasonable prices, good pizzas and tasty boiled antipasti.

Via dei Tribunali, 94; +39 08 2455 262

Antica Pizzeria we Decumani

Small, surprisingly inexpensive and excellent. More than 40 kinds of pizza.

Via Tribunali 58, 60, 61; +39 08 1557 1309

Da Michele

Made famous — and insufferably touristed, according to locals — by a cameo in “Eat Pray Love.” Crowd favorite: pizza margherita with double cheese.

Via Cesare Sersale 1; +39 08 1553 9204;


Classic Neapolitan pasta dishes embody seafood — spaghetti alle vongole and risotto alla pescatora are typical.

Other famous internal pasta recipes embody pasta e patate (pasta and potato soup), timballo (pasta pie), gnocchi alla sorrentina (potato dumplings baked in tomato salsa and mozzarella) and pasta e fagioli.

Pastae fagioli (pasta and bean soup) is a classical plate found in mamma’s kitchen via a boot, though a Neapolitan chronicle — called pasta fazool — is done with prohibited peppers and dejected churned pasta.

A various of spaghetti alla puttanesca — “whore-style spaghetti” — is also found in Naples. The Neapolitan chronicle calls for tomatoes, garlic, parsley, prohibited pepper, capers and olives. Debate persists about where this clearly trusting pasta plate got a shameful name.

Inside Cantina del GalloIntimate and homey, a dish during Cantina Del Gallo is like sitting down for a family dinner. La Cantina del Gallo

Renowned for pizza, La Cantina del Gallo — an establishment in a Rione Sanità district given 1898 — is a place to find home-style Neapolitan pastas.

Via Alessandro Telesino, 21; +39 08 1544 1521;

Trattoria Nennella

A Spanish entertain gem, Trattoria Nennella serves no-frills, simple Neapolitan food with bowls of fruit for dessert. Pasta dishes get tip billing.

Via Lungo Teatro Nuovo, 103; +39 08 1414 338

Trattoria da Vittorio

Locals swear eating during this small, super normal Neapolitan trattoria is usually like eating during home. Specialties embody meatballs, pasta e fagioli and boiled cod.

Via Diocleziano, 67; +39 08 1762 6129

Exterior Umberto RistoranteBring an dull stomach to this family restaurant. Umberto Ristorante

Friendly atmosphere, veteran use and despotic courtesy to quality. Recommended: Nonna Ermelinda’s meatballs, a Neapolitan-style codfish, risotto alla pescatora and zuppa di pesce (fresh fish stew).

Via Alabardieri, 30/31; +39 08 1418 555;


Italians from any segment will tell you, there’s zero in a universe like Neapolitan pastry.

The pastries many synonymous with Naples are a perplexing shell-shaped sfogliatelle — done of dozens of layers of ethereal fritter — and a rum-soaked babà, a Neapolitan turn on a German cake famous as kugelhupf.

Pastry-lovers should conduct immediately to a Galleria Umberto, home to dual of Naples’s many worshiped fritter shops.

La Sfogliatella Mary

Contender Number One in a Galleria Umberto battle: Mary’s sfogliatelle is phenomenal. The lemon babà is also a treat.

Via Toledo, 66; +39 08 1402 218

Pasticceria Pintauro

Enter Contender Number Two. Not technically inside Galleria Umberto, Pintauro is small heartbeats away. Heartbeats of ricotta and rum. Baking pastries given 1785.

Via Toledo, 275; +39 08 1417 339;

Scaturchio pastryIt’s all good during Scaturchio. Scaturchio

Lovely fritter emporium with list use and gelato.

Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, 19; +39 08 1551 7031;


Famed not usually for a pastries, though for a glorious mini-pizzas.

Via San Pasquale a Chiaia, 21-22; +39 08 1411 348

Antico Forno delle Sfogliatelle Calde

As a bakery’s name would suggest, sfogliatelle is a thing to eat here; generally prohibited out of a oven.

Vico Ferrovia 1/2/3/4; +39 08 1285 675;

Gran Caffe Gambrinus

Whatever we try, a ideal finish to any Neapolitan dish is a thimbleful of Limoncello or crater of Neapolitan coffee.

Gambrinus is a pleasing coffee emporium that attracts an artsy clientele. Highly recommended: caffè alla nocciola.

Via Chiaia, 1-2; +39 08 1417 582;