“A Place at the Table,” “Phantom” and other movies opening this weekend

Cold war thriller or food documentary? Frankenstein hunt or attempt to oust Pinochet? No matter your taste, there’s probably a movie for you this weekend. Of course, just because it’s your kind of genre doesn’t mean it’s good. From best to worst, according to our critics, here are this weekend’s new movies.

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“Phantom,” starring Ed Harris and David Duchovny. (RCR Distribution)

A Place at the Table: A hearty ★★★½ for this documentary about hunger and empty calories in America — we have enough food, just not the right kind.

No: ★★★ for this flick about the quixotic advertising campaign to oust Pinochet from Chile.

Phantom: ★★ This Cold War thriller starring Ed Harris and David Duchovny has its good bits, but is plenty uneven.

The Frankenstein Theory: ★★ This found-footage film about searching for the real Frankenstein does add up to a few frights.

21 and Over: ★★ A guy celebrates his big birthday with pals in this raunchy comedy. You can guess how it goes.

Jack and the Giant Slayer: A measly ★½ for this take on the old fairy tale, that will appeal to, um, we don’t really know.

The Last Exorcism Part II: And ★ for this movie about, well… please just let this be the last.