Solomon Islands Solar Power Project

For farming Solomon Island villages reliant on kerosene lamps, a solar appetite plan was usually a thing to light their way.


I visited a Solomon Islands for a initial time in December, 1994. It was during a beginning of Dr. Hermann Oberli, an orthopedic surgeon from Switzerland who, together with his mother Elisabeth, had trafficked to a Solomon Islands to conduct adult a orthopedic territory of a executive sanatorium in a collateral city of Honiara. As executive of a Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit classification that promotes photovoltaic farming foundation in a building world, we was anxious to trigger a solar appetite plan in a south seas and had my bags packaged in about 10 minutes.



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Aside from a adults of Honiara on Guadalcanal, where electricity is granted by a diesel-powered grid, 90% of a country’s race lives in small, removed villages in that a usually source of lighting is that constructed by a hazed kerosene lamp.

Dr. Oberli discussed a thought of doing a solar plan with one of his younger colleagues, Dr. Silent Tovosia, a internal of a Solomon Islands who had perceived medical training in New Zealand and who was being neat to eventually conduct adult a orthopedic territory of a executive hospital. Silent suggested that his childhood encampment of Sukiki, on a southeast seashore of Guadalcanal, would be a good place in that to exercise a commander project.

As a subsequent step, Drs. Oberli and Tovosia afterwards proceeded to register a internal NGO, a Guadalcanal Rural Electrification Agency (GREA), to offer as an in-country partner to SELF. In addition, they organised for a Premier of Guadalcanal Province to send a grave minute to SELF requesting a support for a commander solar farming foundation project.

So, with an invitation in hand, we journeyed to a Solomon Islands shortly before Christmas in 1994. Dr. Tovosia accompanied me to Sukiki, permitted usually by a two-hour outboard dug-out float from a nearest alighting strip. we spoke with many of a 50 families who contain a encampment and collected information per their normal monthly expenditures on kerosene and dry dungeon batteries. The element of solar electricity was demonstrated regulating a PV lantern that we had brought with me. By a time we left Sukiki, there was a accord among a villagers that they could means to squeeze solar home systems if three-to-four-year financing were done available. Indeed, from that indicate onwards, a people of Sukiki were anxiously available a day when their homes would be bright with solar lighting.