Resolution Introduced to Push San Francisco to Divest from Fossil Fuels

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February 5, San Francisco District 11 Supervisor John Avalos introduced a fortitude propelling a Retirement Board of a San Francisco Employee’s Retirement System (SFERS) to deprive from a 200 companies that reason a infancy of a world’s hoary fuel reserves. If a fortitude is authorized by a Board of Supervisors, San Francisco would turn a second city in a republic to pursue hoary fuel divestment. 

“San Francisco has assertive goals to residence meridian change,” pronounced Supervisor John Avalos. “It’s critical that we request these same values when we confirm how to deposit a funds, so we can extent a financial contributions to hoary fuels and instead foster renewable alternatives.”

If a fortitude is authorized by a Board of Supervisors, San Francisco would turn a second city in a republic to pursue hoary fuel divestment. This December, a Mayor of Seattle affianced to keep city supports out of a hoary fuel attention and urged a city’s grant supports to cruise divestment. Avalos is also introducing a fortitude now to pull SFERS to deprive from arms manufacturers.

The pull for hoary fuel divestment is partial of a new inhabitant campaign, Go Fossil Free, that has widespread to over 230 colleges and universities opposite a country. The bid is modeled on a 1980s transformation to deprive from apartheid South Africa. So far, dual tiny schools, Unity College and Hampshire College, have divested from hoary fuels.

“I’m certain San Francisco will join Seattle in a uncover of Pacific solidarity,” pronounced Bill McKibben, owner of, one of a organizations assisting lead a divestment movement. “The Bay Area will spend billions bettering to meridian change–it creates no clarity during all to concurrently deposit in a companies creation that work necessary.” 

The 200 hoary fuel companies targeted by a Go Fossil Free debate were selected since they control a immeasurable infancy of a world’s coal, oil and gas reserves. According to tip scientists and research by groups like a International Energy Agency, scarcely 80 percent of those pot contingency go unburned if a universe is going to keep tellurian warming next 2°C, a aim that a United States and scarcely each other nation on Earth has concluded to meet.

Allowing tellurian warming to ensue violent could have a harmful impact on a Bay Area. A new news by a San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission found that a 55-inch sea turn arise by a finish of a century would put $62 billion of Bay Area shoreline growth during risk and need during slightest $14 billion value of immobile structures to strengthen California’s shorelines.

The San Francisco Employee’s Retirement System (SFERS) is a roughly $16 billion grant account that serves some-more than 52,000 active and late employees of a City and County of San Francisco and their survivors. The Retirement Board that manages SFERS is now looking into a volume of income it has invested in a 200 hoary fuel companies targeted by a divestment campaign, though early estimates put a series above $1 billion.

SFERS could face a intensity financial risk by staying invested in a hoary fuel industry, according to a new news by marketplace analysts during HSBC. According to a report, if countries determine to accommodate a 2° Celcius target and pass regulations clever adequate to keep 75-80 percent of famous hoary fuel pot in a ground, a write off of those pot could means detriment in marketplace value of adult to 60 percent for hoary fuel companies like BP, Shell, and Chevron.

On a other hand, according to a new news by a Aperio Group, a organisation of financial advisors formed in Marin, hoary fuel divestment poses would boost portfolio risk by a roughly 0.01 percent. The report’s lead author, Patrick Geddes, told reporters on a new webinar that, “Statistically, it’s fundamentally noise.”

A subcommittee of a Board of Supervisors is approaching to reason a conference on a divestment fortitude after in Feb or in early March. will be mobilizing a internal supporters and operative with other environmental and on-going allies to build open support for a resolution. 

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