NASA’S Refueling Demonstration Proves Viability Of Satellite-Servicing Technologies


NASA’S Refueling Demonstration Proves Viability Of Satellite-Servicing Technologies

WASHINGTON — NASA has demonstrated robotic liquid send in space, an design that will assistance surprise a growth of robotic record to refuel satellites. The first-of-its-kind proof was achieved during a Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) aboard a International Space Station.

“This feat is a vital step brazen in servicing satellites,” pronounced Frank Cepollina, associate executive of a Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office during NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. “RRM gives NASA and a rising blurb satellite servicing attention a certainty to robotically refuel, correct and say satellites in both nearby and apart orbits — good over a strech of where humans can go today.”

A corner bid with a Canadian Space Agency, RRM uses a International Space Station as exam bed for a investigate and growth of robotic satellite-servicing capabilities. During 6 days of activity final month, controllers on a belligerent during NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston used a space station’s remotely operated Dextre, a robotic space handyman, to cut wires, mislay and reserve caps and perform tasks required to refuel satellites not designed to be refueled.

The cutting-edge technologies that RRM is demonstrating could extend a lives of many of a hundreds of satellites now in geosynchronous Earth orbit. These are satellites that broach essential services such as continue reports, dungeon phone communications, radio broadcasts, supervision communications and atmosphere trade management.

RRM tasks scheduled to be achieved after this year embody thermal sweeping slicing and tie and electronic stop top removals. NASA anticipates RRM technologies might assistance boost a blurb satellite-servicing attention in a future. Such servicing capabilities could severely enhance options for supervision and blurb swift operators.

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