NASA Solicits Ideas for International Space Station Research

NASA Solicits Ideas for International Space Station ResearchWASHINGTON — NASA wants to know how we can urge a International Space Station as a record exam bed.

NASA’s International Space Station National Laboratory and Technology Demonstration offices are seeking for proposals on how a space hire might be used to rise modernized or softened scrutiny technologies. NASA also is seeking proposals about how new approaches, technologies and capabilities could urge a singular laboratory sourroundings of a orbiting outpost.

The NASA Research Announcement, “Soliciting Proposals for Exploration Technology Demonstration and National Lab Utilization Enhancements,” might be noticed at:


The annoucement will produce successful proposers entrance to a space station’s microgravity environment, organisation support and robotic servicing. It closes Sept. 30.

“The space hire is a world-class trickery and vicious to NASA’s devise to extend humanity’s participation over low-Earth orbit,” pronounced Andrew Clem of a Technology Demonstration Office in a International Space Station Program during NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. “This is an event for researchers, inventors and designers to denote a record indispensable for destiny tellurian spaceflights or to urge an existent space hire capability.”

NASA will examination submissions via a year as they are received. The group will cover launch and formation costs for comparison proposals. Successful submissions also might be authorised for singular additional funding.

Proposed technologies should assistance allege scrutiny and investigate capabilities aboard a space station. Concepts contingency fit within existent NASA standards for mass and volume to accommodate mandate for stream launch vehicles. Suggested areas embody in-space propulsion; space appetite and appetite storage; components of rarely reliable, closed-loop, tellurian health, life support and home systems; thermal systems; robotics, telerobotics, and unconstrained systems; and tellurian scrutiny finish systems.

Proposals for new scrutiny technologies could embody strategies to revoke mass, upkeep and appetite requirements, while also augmenting efficiency, trustworthiness and safety. The thought could be a new record or a new, softened use of existent space hardware. Proposals also might have a intensity to produce advantages for humanity, such as contrast a new element or sensitive mercantile growth.

Alternately, proposers could residence improvements to a existent capabilities of a U.S. National Laboratory, such as new uses for existent examination collection and infrastructure aboard a orbiting outpost, or intensity efficiencies like advances in information communications. Other possibilities embody belligerent apparatus for space studies, in-orbit methodical tools, three-dimensional dungeon and hankie enlightenment hardware, or improvements or new uses for existent hire investigate resources.

The enhancements sought in this proclamation will serve efforts by a Center for a Advancement of Science in Space to foster investigate aboard a station’s U.S. National Laboratory.

For assistance with responding to a announcement, revisit a Guidebook for Proposers Responding to a NASA Research Announcement or Cooperative Agreements Notice at:


For some-more information on a International Space Station and the research, visit:

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