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wod WODLIFE   CrossFit ApparelWOD LIFE is a new CrossFit attire company that caters to those that are detached of a extraordinary universe of CrossFit. The acronym W.O.D stands for Workout of a Day. WOD LIFE was a a approach of display that “It’s some-more than a workout. It’s a approach of life.” Once your turn detached of a CrossFit community, we fast comprehend it truly is some-more afterwards a examination and does turn a approach of life. Therefore, we felt a name spoke for itself. Our association was debuted in Jun of 2012.  We suffer examination and being detached of internal competitions such as Clash of a Fittest, Partner Pandemonium and WOD-4-Life.

Logan Herl, Steven Bauer, my wife, Clara Balboa and myself, Gerry, teamed adult to make a dream come true. As zealous crossfitters, we knew what forms of materials feel a best and what a associate crossfitters would want. Needless to contend comfort and continuance is key!

Our idea is to continue to grow as a association and make a certain impact on a CrossFit community by stability to supply attire and accessories of good quality, sincerely labelled and designed to final by all severe workouts.

Our register includes men’s and women’s clothing:

Womens T WODLIFE   CrossFit Apparel

 Women’s Crossfit Shirts

Mens T WODLIFE   CrossFit Apparel

Men’s Crossfit Shirts

shorts WODLIFE   CrossFit Apparel

Men’s Crossfit Shorts

It is really easy to get your hands on WODLIFE goods. Simply go to www.wodlifeapparel.com to place your order. We can boat anywhere! It’s that easy.

WOD Life – “It’s More than a Workout – It’s A Lifestyle”
Call 754-444-WOD1 or e-mail us at: Wodlifeapparel@gmail.com