Paver Sealing Services in South Florida

NationalSealing Paver Sealing Paver Sealing Services in South Florida

We are the largest paver sealing association in a US with over 2 million block feet of hermetic surfaces.

We specialize in a blurb marketplace where conveying a good confirmed picture is critical in areas with high traffic.

We have had good success with condominiums, hotels, airports, stadiums, bureau buildings, and municipalities, in preserving a investments a owners have done in those facilities.

Based out of Fort Lauderdale, we have lerned applicators that muster to any plcae opposite a nation and international.

Our paver COATING product utilizes record creatively grown by NASA. IT IS NOT a required paver SEALER that is poured out of a enclosure and applied. As we might know, a drawbacks to paver sealers and impregnators are that they heal next a surface. Although a paver is sealed, a aspect shows wear and stains in as small as 30 days.

Traditional ‘sealers’ have to be re-applied approximately each year due to relapse from UV rays. Plus normal sealers will still concede oils to mark a surface. With a paver cloaking product, it’s practical once and is henceforth COATED!

Our paver cloaking product is constructed by regulating 3 apart components combined, and by a catalytic process, creates a element that has a chemically inflexible makeup!

The paver cloaking holds to a substrate by both automatic and chemical process. The chemical routine involves pity an nucleus with a substrate molecules, apropos one with a substrate element combining a chemically altered substrate.

This fake paver cloaking product will not support a expansion of mold or mildew, creation it ideal for porous materials in a South. The paver cloaking resists feverishness transmission, and resists chemicals with pH operation of 2-11. The paver cloaking will not peel, moment or splinter – it is chemically connected to a surface.

The aspect is easy to purify with only amiable soap and water.

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