Hoss Garden Seeder Perfect for Home Gardens

Hoss Tools
If you’ve noticed an increase in home vegetable gardens and
market gardens in your neighborhood, your observation is more than a little
correct. According to a study by the National Gardening Association, The Impact
of Home Community Gardening, US households with food gardens increased by
19 percent or seven million people from 2008 – 2009 bringing the count of US
food gardens to 43 million.

All of these food gardens require attention, a little sweat
and the right tools for outstanding results. Hoss Tools manufactures American-
made single and double wheel hoes and wheel hoe attachments including plows,
cultivator teeth, oscillating hoes, sweeps and a new metal-frame seeder for the
home and market gardener.

The Hoss Seeder easily attaches to Hoss (or Planet Jr) Wheel
Hoe. It’s not complicated to use, to attach or to change the seeder plates. The
seeder comes with six horizontal seed plates with different size holes in the
plates to meter out the seeds including fine seeds such as mustard, broccoli,
cabbage and turnips; plates for seeds such as okra and chard, sweet corn, small
peas and beans up to medium beans, peas and field corn are part of the package.
Additional plates with different sized holes as well as customizable plates are

The removable hopper to change out seeds and an adjustable
planting depth of 0-1.5 inches helps make gardening easy. Other features
including a 3 ½ inch wide closure wheel, chain-driven and a powder coated metal
frame deliver a quality product that will last for generations.

For more information, watch product videos or to order, go to HossTools.com 

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