Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm: On November 6th, Send Republican Obstructionists Home For Good

I am so angry with Congress I want to spit.

Unemployment is over 8 percent, and President Obama has proposed a jobs bill with pro-growth policies that Republicans used to support, back when they were a sane party.

Today’s Republicans? They refuse to act.

And now, after a solid few weeks of doing nothing, they’re adjourning Congress until after the election!

Why exactly did we put them there in the first place?

Our executive branch has offered a grand bargain on cuts, reforms and revenues – the type of ambitious, bold agenda our country desperately needs.

But our legislative branch won’t even consider it. The tea partiers won’t consider giving up a dime – not one dime! – in tax revenue, even in exchange for billions in cuts and reforms.

They won’t consider the American Jobs Act. The Violence Against Women Act. Tax cuts for working families. The farm bill. The list goes on and on.

Congress has a 12% approval rating right now – and it seems like they’re aiming for a lot less. The Republicans refuse to consider that maybe, just maybe, Americans want to see action and compromise and progress rather than this political doublespeak and nonsense.

Yes, Democrats are not perfect. But this proud-obstruction-at-all costs is all on the Republican Party. If Mitt Romney loses in a landslide, I can just hear it now — the Republican Party will blame him alone.

You ever think that your policies might be the problem?

Policies like tax breaks for millionaires?

Tearing a struggling country’s safety net to shreds?

Obstructing a jobs bill because you don’t want the president to get a win, even though the real victors of that legislation would be your constituents?

Your problem, Republicans, is not Mitt Romney. And it’s not Ben Bernanke.

Your problem is that your policies hurt people.

So, go ahead and obstruct, and then go home for two months.

We progressives know what we have to do: On November 6, we have to make sure that these obstructionists will stay home for good.


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