DIY Solar Installation

Hello and welcome, all DIY Solar enthusiasts! I’ll be
speaking during a satisfactory again this year, and I’ll have copiousness of new element to
share with everyone! I’m finally removing around to adding batteries and an
inverter to my weekend residence to make it “Off Grid Capable.” The use is only
100 amps, so I’m also adding a “whole residence intelligent switch” rated for 100 amps.
This way, when a grid goes down, my whole breaker box usually switches over to a
4KW 240VAC inverter. Of course, we have to make prudent use of a available
battery bank capacity, so this means usually a fridge, computer, a few lights and
maybe a tiny TV can run if we design to have anything left during a finish of a 14
hour winter night!

Batteries need special care, and if we forget, or abuse
them, we can hurt an whole set in usually a few days – and NOT get a 10 to 12
year life outlook from them. If we demeanour during a photos below, we can see
how my goodies arrived, packaged orderly on a pallet, and what they all demeanour like
spread out on my groundwork floor.

Joe Utasi 1Joe Utasi 2

Left to right are a Magnum 4KW inverter, the
Magnum mini-mounting complement with a Service Splitter box built on top, and the
whole residence intelligent switch on a right. The wall ascent image for a inverter
and mini mountain is in back, and also acts as a feverishness sink. In front are the
battery cables – 4/0 Gauge so they can hoop 250 AMPS during 24 volts DC! In front
on a right is a neat small in-line opening fan for a battery box cover. It
moves 6CFM, that is adequate to keep hydrogen gasses from collecting in a box,
and usually draws about 2 watts of power!

By a time we get to a FAIR in September, we wish to
have a designation finish and running, and will have lots of cinema to
show and discuss. If we can pattern a courage, my convention will be kind of a
“Let’s Talk Solar” session, with about 50% QA, so move your questions and
I’ll do my best to answer them! In a meantime, we can revisit my website during

See we during a FAIR!

Joe Utasi 5  

Joe Utasi will benefaction a seminar during a Seven Springs, Pa. MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR. 

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