Week #11 of Sunflower Farm CSA

Sunflower Farm CSA is unequivocally humming along. Last week was
11 and a effort is finally manageable. The boxes are removing heavier and a feedback continues to
be positive. We are switching from ‘lighter’ things like lettuce and spinach to
some-more tumble things like carrots, potatoes, onions, summer squish (zucchini), corn
and melons.

week 11 box

We had a brief postpone from a drought with a bit of rain, though positively not as many as we needed. Now we are being some-more targeted in a watering so it’s not as complete as it was in July. Jul unequivocally is break month for a garden. Basically all is in a belligerent and screaming for feverishness and object and water. Nature supposing us with lots of feverishness and object this July, only no water. So now with some-more time for other tasks I’ve been bustling holding out pea fencing, rototilling areas that are finished and fundamentally perplexing to purify adult what we can. The weeds are still winning a fight and we hatred to acknowledge that mostly during this time of year my solve to discharge any weed, or even a bulk of them is radically diminished.  We schooled a lot this year about how many to plant and have finished adult with a few excesses and a few deficits. The categorical necessity is with a brassicas though this was reduction of an emanate of planting too few though some-more of an emanate of planting too late and a plants being adversely influenced by a feverishness and drought. Broccoli and cauliflower like cold weather. Some years we have had a good collect by now, though this year many of a brassica plants did not form any heads. We have lots some-more planted and so are anticipating that cooler continue will assistance a subsequent stand do better.


We’re also removing smarter in terms of harvesting. We’re doing some of it on Wednesday for a Thursday delivery. Digging potatoes and picking tomatoes a day before has taken some of a vigour off on Thursday morning. This gives me some-more time for things like harvesting corn, that we always find time consuming. I’ve been flourishing corn for 20 years though we still waffle about when ears are ready. Luckily with a volume we have to collect any week a preference is easier. The initial week that we supposing corn it was a “Spring Treat” cultivar and it was a outrageous hit. The second week we was still harvesting a initial planting so a corn was some-more mature. Some people favourite this, though many of a members didn’t. The third week for corn, that was final week, was Spring Treat again though it was a second planting so a kernels were tiny and proposal again, so we redeemed myself. we also had some “Jackpot” for a full share members, that is a new cultivar this year and we unequivocally like it. On Thursday mornings we widespread out all that we’ve harvested, prepared to container it into any member’s box.  It’s utterly a blast to see only how many food we can furnish on a acre, week after week. Wow, a Jul drought is 3 weeks behind us and already I’m starting to sound like I’m enjoying a garden again. Humans can be so resilient!

week 11 warehouse

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