Shuttles Come Nose to Nose

Shuttles Come Nose-to-Nose

NASA’s space shuttles Endeavour and Atlantis switched locations currently during Kennedy Space Center in Florida, and in a routine came “nose-to-nose” for a final time in front of Orbiter Processing Facility 3.

Endeavour was changed from Orbiter Processing Facility 2 to a Vehicle Assembly Building where it will be housed temporarily until a targeted depart from Kennedy atop a Shuttle Carrier Aircraft in mid-September. After a stop during a Los Angeles International Airport, Endeavour will pierce in mid-October to a California Science Center for permanent open display.

Now in a estimate trickery after withdrawal a Vehicle Assembly Building, convey Atlantis will bear preparations for a pierce to a Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in November, with a grand opening designed for Jul 2013.

Image credit: NASA