Robert Creamer: GOP Convention Fails during Principal Political Goal: Convincing Swing Voters that Romney understands Their Lives

Going into a Republican Convention, Mitt Romney had one vital domestic mission: to remonstrate pitch electorate that he isn’t usually a man who dismissed their hermit in law – that he understands their lives and is on their side.

Given his record as Governor of Massachusetts – 47th among a 50 states in pursuit origination – and his story during Bain Capital – Romney can’t unequivocally make a box he has any knowledge formulating jobs.

But a thing that unequivocally stands between Romney and pitch electorate is a notice that he has 0 consolation – no grasp of what life is like for bland Americans.

So a Republicans attempted really tough to tell stories that humanized a differently robot-like Romney. But here is a bottom line: when mixed speakers have to attest how authentic we are – you’re not.

The initial night of a Convention did underline Ann Romney delivering a elementary message: we like me, we adore Mitt – so he contingency not be so bad.

But it also featured a expel of Governors doing auditions for 2016 – observant really small about Romney – and a good understanding about their possess “successes”. When Chris Christi gave a Convention’s Keynote residence he didn’t even discuss Romney until a really finish of his speech.

Night dual featured Paul Ryan defeat adult a right wing bottom and delivering contemptuous lies about a Obama record. Ryan’s debate was a feast for fact checkers. From his avowal that Obama unsuccessful to forestall a shutdown of a GM plant during Janesville – that was sealed before Obama took bureau – to his conflict on a Obama for unwell to take severely recommendations from a Debt Commission that he himself voted to oppose.

Most gross was Ryan’s explain that ObamaCare “cut” Medicare by over $700 billion. In fact, of course, distant from “cutting” Medicare benefits, ObamaCare indeed softened Medicare advantages and achieved $700 billion of assets for a Medicare module by slicing outrageous overpayments and subsidies to large word companies. Not one Medicare target has had his or her guaranteed advantages cut by ObamaCare – and Ryan knows it.

Of course, all a while Ryan was fibbing about a feign “ObamaCare” cuts in Medicare, he and Romney are formulation to discharge Medicare. They have finished transparent they wish to reinstate it with a document module that would yield a bound volume of income per chairman and need that seniors emporium for coverage on a private word market. Their devise will lift out of slot costs by $6,400 and discharge a guaranteed advantage that defines Medicare and has meant that American retirees haven’t had to worry about their health caring costs for over half a century.

The final night of a Convention, a Republicans finished a accordant bid to “humanize” Mitt Romney. They put adult a fibre of former friends and associates to tell stories directed during perplexing to make him seem some-more caring and human.

Then, Bob White, a Chairman of Romney for President, and former Partner in Bain Capital talked about his business experience. White told a story of how Romney was asked to come behind from Bain Capital and lapse to Bain Consulting to save it from collapse. Of march White abandoned a fact that, as a new essay in Rolling Stone indicates, he achieved that liberation by a sovereign bailout.

The essential purpose of a government, by a way, is a consistent, yet never mentioned, thesis that continued when it came to Romney’s “turn around” of a Salt Lake Olympics that accept a incomparable sovereign funding — $1.3 billion – than all of a prior Olympics combined.

Then came Tom Stemberg, a CEO of Staples, that had been saved by Bain Capital who argued – in one of a stiffest, slightest “everyman” speeches ever – that when a Obama debate contends that Romney is out of hold with typical people, “they usually don’t get it”. In fact, Tom led a fabricated representatives in a chant: “they usually don’t get it”. Multi-millionaire Tom Stemberg is a bizarre choice to offer as cheerleader for how Mitt Romney understands typical people.

Ray Fernandez, a owners of Vita Pharmacy, who told everybody how critical Bain Capital was in formulating his business, followed Stemberg. By this time a Convention was commencement to sound like a business expansion seminar.

Then came Kerry Healey, Romney’s former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts, to tell us about Mitt’s Massachusetts record. No discuss of a 3 buliding of a trillion dollar boost in fees on bland people. No discuss of a fact that on his watch Massachusetts was 47th out of a 50 states in pursuit creation. No discuss of RomneyCare. No discuss that his policies increasing tyro category sizes, or that when he left office, Massachusetts had a top debt per capita in America.

Next was Jane Edmonds, Romney’s former Massachusetts Director of Workforce Development, who testified to Romney’s “authenticity”. Edmonds went on to disagree that Mitt believed in compelling women – quite to “senior” positions. No discuss of his refusal to validate laws that would need equal compensate for equal work.

Edmonds attempted to remonstrate us that Romney was not one of those leaders who “focused usually on his possess success” – though rather would work tough – selflessly — to make life improved for other people. Now there is a tough sell.

Then came Olympic athletes to attest about how Romney incited around a Salt Lake Winter Olympics. Forgot to discuss those Federal subsidies.

There were videos and home movies. Romney observant that when he trafficked a lot, he would call home and find Anne irritated from 5 active small boys. Caring guy, he told Anne: “Just remember that what you’re doing is some-more critical than what I’m doing.” Really?

After a videos, we were treated to a “surprise” guest — Clint Eastwood — who argued that a Obama Administration unsuccessful to do “enough” to discharge unemployment. Clint forgot about a fact that when Obama initial took office, he confronted a misfortune mercantile disaster in 60 years. He forgot that Obama staunched a detriment of 750,000 jobs per month that had resulted from a unsuccessful drip down policies of a Bush Administration and that Mitt Romney hopes to revive. He forgot about a final 29 uninterrupted months of private zone pursuit expansion — over 4 million jobs – and, many importantly, forgot that a Republicans in Congress have finished all they can to harm a economy including refusing to pass a American Jobs Act that eccentric economists contend would have combined another million and jobs.

Then Eastwood rambled by a bazar, ungainly discourse with a mistake Obama during a initial fifteen mins of live primetime network Convention coverage. His display will be a many talked about eventuality of a convention. And a Republican Party put out a matter enmity itself from Eastwood’s bizarre display usually mins after a Convention adjourned.

When Eastwood finally withdrew, Florida Senator Marco Rubio introduced Romney recanting seared rightwing bromides – defeat adult a Republican tough core. Never a discuss of a need for immigration reform, or a fact a Mitt Romney vowed to halt a Dream Act, and is a many anti-immigration claimant for President that of a vital celebration in complicated history.

Finally, came Romney – unbending and ungainly as ever. Touting his record during Bain as a “great American success story”. Once again he blamed Obama for presiding over a “worst mercantile liberation given a Great Depression.” Let’s remember that a policies that he and Paul Ryan wish to reinstall in Washington – taxation cuts for a abounding and vouchsafing Wall Street run furious – caused this mercantile catastrophe. Romney reminds we of an arsonist angry that a glow dialect hasn’t finished a good adequate pursuit putting out a fire. And in a march of his debate he never offering one thought to emanate jobs other than reinstating a unsuccessful Bush mercantile program.

Romney went on to conflict a Obama unfamiliar process – apparently forgetful about his possess new catastrophic unfamiliar process tour.

But many importantly, Romney did zero to “Etch-a-Sketch” his picture of a out of touch, prep propagandize educated, son of a corporate CEO.

At a tighten of this Convention a many noted stories that bland people remember about Mitt Romney a chairman still have to do with a dog strapped to a roof of his car, or a approach that, as an 18 year old, he led a squad of teenagers to brag another student. The many noted contribution about Mitt Romney sojourn that fact that he “likes to glow people” and did accurately that as CEO of Bain Capital.

Mitt’s gathering fell brief in a try to remonstrate bland Americans that he understands who they are and how they live and that he’s on their side. That is one of a vital reasons, that those typical Americans will not elect him President of a United States.

Robert Creamer is a long-time domestic organizer and strategist, and author of a book: Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win, accessible on He is a partner in Democracy Partners and a Senior Strategist for Americans United for Change. Follow him on Twitter @rbcreamer.


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