Rachel Maddow Confronts Scott Walker Over Auto Bailout

Rachel Maddow confronted Wisconsin governor Scott Walker over disputed claims made by Paul Ryan in his speech at the Republican national convention on Wednesday night.

The vice-presidential candidate gave the major speech of the night, and referenced a General Motors plant that he said closed down under President Obama. He has made the claim before, and the plant actually closed down in December 2008 under President Bush.

Maddow asked Walker to address the claim after Ryan’s speech. The governor said that there were two rounds of layoffs at the plant, and said that the bailout had not helped the auto industry in Wisconsin.

Maddow was skeptical. “It is surprising to hear you run down the American auto industry at a moment that it really has come back and to see such a bright spot in the economy, you talked as if things haven’t worked out in the auto industry since the bailout,” she said. “It’s a surprise.”

Schultz broke in, hitting back at Walker’s claims. “It was not Barack Obama’s economic policies that closed that GM plant,” he insisted. “That plant was closed in December 2008. That’s in the Washington Post right now Governor. It has nothing to do with Barack Obama’s econimic policy whatsoever. You can’t get away from that fact.”

Walker said that managed bankruptcy would have been more effective for the plant. Schultz said that Walker could not guarantee the plant would still be operating under that strategy.

Al Sharpton tried to cut in and ask Walker another question. Walker retorted, “If you want to talk over and not let me talk that’s fine. Apparently that’s what you do a lot of.”

Watch the full video below:

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