Odd Florida Law: Possession Without Intent a Crime

At contingency with 48 other states in a Union, Florida now has turn a state where possession though vigilant is a crime.

What this means is that when someone is found with drugs possibly on their chairman or underneath their control, a excuse, “I didn’t know that was an bootleg substance” won’t work. 

At slightest not though proof it to a jury.

A suppositious box should make it transparent because this law is a problem.

Suppose we are pulled over for a trade offense and, not fearing any discovery, we concede a military to hunt your car. They find some “white powder” in a bag labeled “salt.” To your surprise, it tests certain for cocaine. Even if we had no thought it was cocaine, we now have to infer it in justice instead of a military carrying to infer we did know.

The “unknowing possession” covers many situations where drugs are found not in someone’s slot or purse though in an area around or nearby them. This is because military will try to get suspects to contend something about drugs – customarily acknowledge they know what a piece is. The military wish to settle that suspects know a element is an bootleg drug and that they knew it was there.

In a 5-4 decision, the Florida Supreme Court saved a State from carrying to retry dozens of cases, observant in a infancy opinion that,

“The control a Legislature seeks to diminish is a sale, manufacture, delivery, or possession of a tranquil substance, regardless of a defendant’s biased intent.”

Reporting on a matter says this puts Florida during contingency with sovereign rulings that tumble a other way. The technical tenure is “criminal intent.” If we unknowingly dedicate a crime, should we humour a consequences? In some cases, rapist vigilant doesn’t matter – as in orthodox rape. In fact, that’s because it’s called “statutory” in a initial place.

It is probable a matter will go all a approach to a US Supreme Court.