Interactive Map Follows Timeline of U.S. Drought Conditions

Dead WheatHas your hometown or birthplace been feeling unbearably prohibited and dry for a past few months? If so, you’re not alone — according to National Public Radio (NPR), about 55 percent of a United States is experiencing a worst drought conditions seen given 1956, and 1,297 counties have been announced healthy disaster areas. These kinds of dry conditions can means crops and economies to suffer, and lead a lot of eyes to demeanour skyward and energetically watch for any pointer of rain.

To serve execute a turn of drought the United States is experiencing, NPR posted an interactive map that allows viewers to follow a drought’s desiccated trail opposite a country, on a timeline that goes behind to Jan 2011. The map shows drought categories trimming from “abnormally dry” to “exceptional drought.” You can concede a map to play out for we or select a sold date’s drought conditions to investigate — and, when you’re done, cranky your fingers for a red areas to recede.

Ready for a sleet dance, anyone?

Photo by Fotolia/Andrey Milkin