Home-Based Soloists, Indies, Start-Ups and Kickstarter: What Funding Is Best for You?

Much talk has been made about funding sources – or the lack thereof – for small businesses. We’re too small for many banks, but our needs often outstrip Bank Mom or our own resources.  What’s a home-based or home office business, start-up or indie to do?

Actually, ample options abound. Much has been written about new sources on the market. Like the risk-takers that soloists are, a breed of investor has come along willing to take similar risks on smart-but-small business opportunities. One organization is Kickstarter. Seth Godin has written about and used it

June Walker, the tax pro to the 1099-set, recently blogged on its implications. Take a read.

This is all good news for indies who’ve grown tired of begging banks – only to be denied – and praying at the false altar of institutional lending.

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