A Rind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Solar Cone above groundGrowing and scheming one’s possess food is for many of us a lifestyle, not a hobby. We’re committed to a beliefs of sound birthplace ecology-cycling a nutrients in a food by a bodies and those in a food bits behind into production. There are innumerable ways to recycle these organic treasures. Composting them in an active raise comes to mind first. Sheet composting them by requesting them to a dirt and covering with mulch works well. Feeding them to domestic animals, even and generally red wiggler worms is a good answer. Dumping a rubbish “on a behind side” (of a farm) for furious animals is flattering common and works good adequate if there’s copiousness of space.

These solutions won’t work for everyone. Neighborhood associations competence demarcate composting. Space competence be limited. Large families competence beget too many rubbish for their conditions and usually a few of us live where “wet waste” is collected during a curb, nonetheless metropolitan composting of food bits is flourishing rapidly. So if you’re in one of those “can’t compost” situations and still wish to recycle your kitchen scraps, what can we do?

Enter dual solutions that I’ve run into as I’ve attended composting conferences over a years. The initial is a Solar Cone. This is a thigh-high immature cosmetic cone with a porous cosmetic  bottom territory that is buried.


Solar Cone installedTo use a Solar Cone we simply deposition any and all forms of food bits ( yes, meat, too) in a cone and tighten a lid. You never have to supplement “browns” such as leaves since a section doesn’t make compost. The Solar cone is personal as a food rubbish digester so it’s operative routine is not composting. Instead a mostly-liquid rubbish rots next a ground’s aspect combining a tea that is good for plants.  

My knowledge is that a Solar Cone has a large ability for food scraps. It competence be a good thought to put yours in an area of permanent plantings where a roots can go low to collect a dampness and nutrients that are down by a basket. Also, yet there is a smell inside a cone when we open it to supplement some-more scraps, outward there is NO odor. Check with Solar Cone for some-more information about regulating and installing a product. It usually competence be your answer to a need to recycle food scraps. The second device is called a BioPod Plus. It is a brainchild of businessman Robert Olivier.

Robert Olivier with chickensWith a BioPod Plus we are feeding animals though a surprising critters in a pod are grubs -the larvae of a black infantryman fly.  

You competence have seen these guys before in your organic experiences. The grubs spin out to be a fanciful protein source for your homestead, feeding chickens, fish, reptiles and birds. Using a BioPod Plus is really easy. Simply supplement food bits and let a grubs do their work. It’s not even required to buy a grubs as a relatives are really common opposite a US and will give we a “start” for free. When a grubs mature they self-separate, crawling adult a specifically designed ramp toward illumination usually to tumble into a available collect bucket that collects them for your use.

BioPod PlusExcess liquids are collected as a compost tea and a covering of compost will really solemnly build adult in a unit. The whole complement is inventive and good designed. Check it out during compostmania.com. Full disclosure: we asked for and was sent nominal units of both a Solar Cone and BioPod Plus some years ago. we have no financial attribute with possibly company. So there we have it. Even a many “can’t compost” among us should be means to make certain a round will be unbroken. Next time we’ll revisit one some-more complement in this arena, Bokashi composting.