WHY You Work From a Home Office


If you’re a home officer, did you ever stop to ask yourself WHY you work from a home office?

Why you tolerate the crazy kids and the indefatigable demands and clammoring clients? I think about it all the time — and I never look back and wonder. But I do look back IN wonder, and amazement, and awe, and appreciation, at that decision Robbie and I made — together — almost 23 years ago to make a go of this home-based gig.

We just celebrated 24 years of marriage (ironically, the day before Independence Day). In January, we’ll celebrate the 23rd birthday of my home office (TRUE Independent’s Day for this affirmed 1099er). Read my WHY Chromosome column (no, that isn’t me and those aren’t my kids in the picture) in this issue of WHY Magazine to get a glimple of why this dad changed the tune from that sung by his father a generation previously and never looked back.

Except in amazement and gratitude…

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