The Home Office Nexus of Modern Life for Entrepreneurs & Teleworkers

I’m sitting at the desk in my home office – the place I’ve worked for 22 years. My drink coaster is blemished with countless rings from the cups of coffee, soda and water I drink. My keyboard is prosecution Exhibit A for the filthiness of the grunge and ick amassed through years of use.

But the perch also is a snapshot of how intricate the home office is to modern life.

My pencil drawer has two spools of dental floss, nail clippers and ear plugs (why ear plugs, I cannot recall).

My pencil cup has the cancelled checks from the diamond and setting I bought my bride-to-be more than 24 years ago. And there’s the comb I use to groom our terrier Stella’s beard.

I even keep my stash nearby.

The meds I take each morning are within arm’s reach. My Excedrin bottle is nearby (whether for a headache, or a little kick in the afternoon).

Of course, picture of – and by – my kids line the walls and shelves, as do mementos, keepsakes (and some shlock) amassed during a life well lived.

There’s a lot of stuff in this home office that has little to do with work.

But the home office, I guess, begins at home. It’s a picture of life being lived. Though it’s a place of work, it’s part of the home. In fact, I’d hazard that it’s impact is more than the 5% it comprises of the actual space of our home.

It’s a place of work, where the kids gather in the morning or evening, our dog lounges during the day, the It’s the place I play music when the mood so hits.

And just so no one questions whether I’m breaking any IRS rules about whether my home office is more home than office: I don’t deduct the space. Actual expenses, like the dedicated business and fax line, yes. But the space? No.

But this isn’t a discussion of my tax situation. It’s an introspection of how the office and home fit like two tongue-and-groove boards joined seamlessly to create one larger plank.

It’s the place we’ve raised our kids, my work’s been done, I’ve lived each day for almost 23 years. It’s not the nexus of the home, but it’s That Place where my kids know they can find Dad – to catch up on the day’s events, ask a question, share a confidence, bond.

As much stuff in my home office is about life as the stuff that which reflects work.

The home office has been for 23 years a great place to make a living. It’s also been a great place from which to raise a family.

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