Home Office Round-Up: Tax & Location Independence Day

Can you work from the dinette of an RV? Location independence is the New Way to Work.

Can you work from the dinette of an RV? Location independence is the New Way to Work.

Just heard about a great concept: Location Independence.

Sure, this “Digital Nomadry” is really nothing new. Ever since telework took off in the late 1990s and post 9-11, American workers and employers discovered that work is a thing, NOT a place. Location independence is just giving a catchy name to a The Anywhere Office. It could be a beach house on The Jersey Shore, a cottage in the hills of Northern Ontario, or an RV tooling down the Interstate as part of Home Office Highway.

As the people at Freelance Switch discussed recently, freelancers worldwide have long aspired to take their business with them and hit the road. But planning and prep work are needed to work remotely.

And a fair amount of tech (including my killer new Verizon MiFi broadband wireless adapter) — and IT understanding.

As Lea Woodward discussed, how will you get access to your bank account? How will you keep in touch with clients? How will you get new business? What about cell phones, time zones, internet access, and office equipment? In her session Build a Location Independent Business Course, Woodward explores location independent work in X Marks The Spot. Sounds like the stuff of Tim Ferriss in Four Hour Work Week.

What else is going on in the home office this week…?

Apparently a homeoffice deduction bill is under review in the U.S. Capitol. It seems that Charles Gonzalez (D-Texas) is sponsoring a measure to simplify the home-office tax deduction for small-business owners. It’s about time. Roughly 50% of all Americans claim the home-based business deduction. His bill would establish an optional, easy-to-use standard for this deduction. The measure has been endorsed by the NFIB, the IRS National Taxpayer Advocate Service and the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Advocacy.

Long-time, all-around telework fan Cisco is sending its employees home to work — and reaping some real rewards in the process. The company’s telecommuting technology and virtual office technology helps Cisco save coin on collaboration. But it also helps the company defray costs and garner some $277 million in productivity savings.

Outside-the-loop managers are asking right not, “By letting employees work from home? Exactly. Check out this NetworkWorld slideshow Taking a look at telework to learn more. Moreover, its employees are happy.

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