Time to Plant Popcorn!

I adore popcorn. Or maybe we should say, “I ♥ popcorn.” I’m crazy about this simple, ancient plant, that can supplement so many to a succulent landscape.

First, homegrown popcorn tastes delicious…beyond delicious, with a gloomy season of a earth, nut-like and with a light crunchy texture, as yet fever got churned right into a seed. No need for butter, it’s that good. (I’ll tell we a tip of popping corn on a stove tip in usually a minute.)

Next, popcorn is easy to grow, and works generally good for those gardeners among us who competence not consider to put new seeds in as late as May or June. Popcorn — any corn — is a grain, and acts like a good large grass, with true stalks and tough slight leaves. The seed conduct produces a kernels we like to eat.

 popcorn husked
I have a little yard, and so we motionless to give popcorn a try given it is smaller than honeyed corn, and as it incited out, reduction appealing to worms, that ambience divided from within, and to possums, raccoons and other critters that like to eat corn underneath a cover of darkness. No, my popcorn final year grew quick to 4 feet high and constructed several good-size ears on any stalk.

Because popcorn matures in about 3 months (the operation is about 83 days to 102 days, depending on a variety), it gives a succulent landscape some straight “lift” in a after days of summer, when other ornamentals are starting to remove vitality and die behind (see my book Eat Your Yard! Edible trees, shrubs, vines, spices and flowers for your landscape for some-more ideas ).

Popcorn also works good for enclosure gardening, given it doesn’t get out of control; any seed produces usually one stalk, so we plant groupings of 3 to 6 seeds in several spots around a garden. It looks decorative, not like a quarrel crop.


Popcorn comes in lots of colors, from white, by a operation of yellow to red, afterwards to blue and even black, and in churned ears. There are slight variations in taste. No matter what, it’s a good thought to plant several opposite forms in box one doesn’t start well. Plant a kernels directly in a dirt — any kind of soil, though with copiousness of object — in late open when it has warmed through. The sprouts will seem within a few weeks and afterwards fire adult during Jul and August. Look for a sappy ears in Sep as a stalks start to dry out.

popcorn tassles 
Although they are all pretty, we like blue popcorn best given a stalks demeanour dim and large and a building seed heads are pleasing adult close. The ears of developed corn are unreal looking and unequivocally blue.

popcorn blue

Popcorn made partial of a start diet in a Americas for thousands of years, and corn enlightenment greeted a European settlers as they arrived. Popcorn is sugarine free, low in calories and fat, and high in dietary fiber. In other words, it’s good for you.

How to Pop It 

In my arriving book about vegetables, Vegevore! 50 Great Vegetables from A to Z, that will be published by Gibbs Smith, Publisher in a open of 2013, we have this to contend about how popcorn pops: “The scholarship of popping corn is fascinating. Moisture and oils, along with starch, are packaged into any kernel, sealed in by a tough shell. But when exhilarated during a right speed and temperature, a contents, propelled by inner steam raze from a tough covering to form a feathery white ‘flake.'”

The tip to removing many if not all a kernels to cocktail is to use a saucepan on a stove top, and feverishness usually a teaspoon of oil to middle high, and keep a feverishness there. As a initial kernels start to pop, shake a vessel behind and onward quick opposite a burner but stopping, until a popping stops. Somehow a restlessness and rolling movement distributes a feverishness even around a kernels. Top with a lurch of salt. Yum.

Get it Here 

Where can we buy seeds for flourishing popcorn? Here are some of my favorite seed sources, with links right to a popcorn pages: High Mowing Organic Seeds offers a lot of varieties, including large Dakota black popcorn; a association called Botanical Interests offers a poetic strawberry popcorn, that is splendid red and made like a developed strawberry; and Sow True Seed, in my possess hometown of Asheville, N.C., offers Japanese White Hulless popcorn, that is ostensible to ambience tasty and that ripens in 83 days, and a birthright Pennsylvania Dutch Butter Flavored organic popcorn, ripening in 102 days.

For fun with popcorn and some popcorn recipes, visit 

The Popcorn Board’s

online consumer site.