Three New Hand Pruners


Pruning is essential for progressing a healthy yard or garden, though takes time and requires repeated motions. To assistance yield additional energy and control and revoke strain,
Fiskars’ new pruners use modernized materials and engineering to furnish ergonomic, lighter collection that act like an prolongation of a hand. The new palm pruners incorporate clean, contemporary designs that are engineered with push and rigging mechanisms that maximize energy and revoke bid to make each cut easier. And a further of GripEase™ during pivotal vigour points improves hold and reduces palm tired during extended use. Try Fiskars Power Gear Bypass Pruner with GripEase, PowerCurve Bypass Pruners with GripEase, or Power-Grip Bypass Pruner to assistance keep we and your garden in primary condition.

For some-more recommendation on when to prune, how to prune, and how to select a correct tools,
check out a ominous videos on Fiskars’ website is abounding in resources for gardeners and grass caring enthusiasts including useful “how-to” enlightening videos for Fiskars products and good tips.

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