Support a Healthy Food Amendment to a Farm Bill

The plantation check is about to come adult for discuss on a Senate floor, and now is a possibility to mount adult and assistance spin this check that supports mega-farms into a check that supports a healthier food system.

Industrial Farming

Here’s an movement warning from a friends during a Environmental Working Group about a food and plantation check now moving through Congress:  


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Do we wish a plantation check that invests some-more in healthy food? If so, we need your help.

The plantation bill — legislation that creates all a disproportion when it comes to your food — is about to come adult for discuss on a Senate floor. This is your possibility to spin a plantation check into a healthier food bill, and we need we to mount with us now.

As it’s now written, this check will give divided billions of taxpayer dollars in subsidies to corporate mega-farms while doing too small for healthy food programs.

Yesterday, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) announced that she will offer an amendment to cut mount word subsidies, revive cuts to appropriation for food stamps and route $500 million to healthy food programs.

We need we to mount with a Environmental Working Group and 70 other organizations and food leaders like Michael Pollan and Mario Batali in propelling a Senate to deposit some-more in healthy foods, reject cuts to nourishment programs and cut gross subsidies. Your senators need to know that we wish a healthy food check right now — before they vote.

Click here to email your senators perfectionist support for Sen. Gillibrand’s amendment and healthy food.

With a $100-billion-a-year cost tag, a sovereign plantation check dictates what forms of crops are sown, how farmers grow and sell a food we eat and what food assistance is accessible to all Americans.