South Florida General Contractors – Commercial & Residential

CRSGeneralContracting2 South Florida General Contractors   Commercial  ResidentialOur association started in 1988 and formulated an consultant group of professionals in a construction industry. Our group includes: Ken, Ted, and Tony.  Each group member possesses over 30 years of knowledge in their work.  We yield skill owners a top peculiarity use a attention can offer.

We yield services in a Residential marketplace place such as:

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Building tradition homes

Our Commercial services include:

  • Extensive knowledge in interiors and exteriors for blurb retailers
  • Interior and extraneous construction for bureau buildings and warehouses
  • Build outs for medical offices
  • Complete construction services for restaurants and offices.
  • Performed a far-reaching array of difficult repairs to existent buildings
  • We are experts in expansions to existent buildings

Everyone needs a deputy to safeguard that a scold swell has been meet, that a scold paper work is filled out, photos are taken and to safeguard that a scold recover of liens are collected from a Contractors as good as all Sub contractors and germane supply houses in a timely demeanour before any remuneration is made.

Most Contractors and Tenants in today’s universe onslaught with carrying a paperwork filled out scrupulously and collecting a recover of liens from all parties. But they all wish to get paid or reimbursed.

Our services cover, though are not singular to:

  • Build Outs – Build out space as per tenant’s requirements
  • Vanilla bombard – Vacant or pre-existing reside space spotless out and remade finish space embellished and prepared for new tenant.
  • Remodel  – Interior pattern as per tenant’s needs and requirements.
  • Electrical Contracting – All forms of electrical work – residential, blurb industrial
  • Plumbing Contracting – consultant for vital repairs, new installations and remodeling
  • ADA Compliance – Work with skill owners to make common areas, ramps, bathrooms accessible.
  • Code Compliance – To yield solutions for a owner, executive and city to scold violations.
  • AIA Compliance – Work with owners, contractors and sub-contractors to record scold paper work.
  • Kitchens – Remodeling needs as per client’s specifications, new and remodeled
  • Bathrooms – Remodeling needs as per client’s specifications, new and remodeled
  • Demolition – Clean outs, Tear outs
  • Renovations – Face rises and extraneous improvements
  • Repair – Stucco, paint, architectural foam, carpentry, ceilings and walls

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