PIP reform, propagandize prayer, video voyeurs targets of new laws

TALLAHASSEE –After Sunday, propagandize districts can start permitting request in open schools. Police will be means to moment down on voyeuristic videographers. And vital changes to a state’s no-fault automobile word complement will flog in.

July 1 outlines a start of a new mercantile year, when many of a laws upheld by a 2012 Legislature — and a $70 billion check it authorized – take effect.

The many high-profile of a new laws are changes to personal damage word insurance, a no-fault coverage that pays adult to $10,000 for injuries suffered in an collision regardless of fault.

The system, that regulators contend is riddled with fraud, will see vital reforms that lawmakers, Gov. Rick Scott and Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater wish will quell feign accidents and control over-billing medical providers. Consumer advocates and hearing lawyers disagree that it will extent coverage for drivers.

“I consider a idea is to lapse it to coverage for emergencies only,” pronounced state Sen. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, a unite of a bill.

Many of a changes turn law Sunday, while others don’t go into outcome until Jan. 1, 2013.

Under a evident changes, a pile-up news contingency embody information about all drivers and passengers. Licensure mandate for clinics are tightened and a new organization, run by Atwater’s office, will be shaped to fight PIP fraud. The member of a check that boundary payments to $2,500 for non-emergency diagnosis does not take outcome until Jan. 1, as does a anathema on payments for pain-killer and massage therapy.

Insurers are compulsory to revoke rates by 10 percent by Oct. 1, 2012 or explain to a state – as they are approaching to do — because that is not feasible. A second deadline of Jan. 2014 requires a 25-percent rebate in rates or reason of because that rebate can't be achieved.

Here are some of a other bills that turn law Jul 1.

New Law: Video voyeurism (SB 436)

What Does It Do?: Remember when a video camera prisoner bare images of ESPN contributor Erin Andrews in her hotel room? That’s where this law comes from. The magnitude would anathema anyone from videotaping a chairman yet his or her believe in a “residential dwelling.” It’s already bootleg in a lavatory or sauce room.

What Does This Mean?: Violators over 19 face five years in prison. If you’re underneath 19, it’s a misdemeanor.

New Law: Inspirational messages during open schools (SB 98)

What Does It Do?: The magnitude would concede internal propagandize play to set discipline for students anticipating to offer “inspirational messages,” that could embody prayer, during any propagandize event.

What Does This Mean?: Maybe nothing. Many play have pronounced they won’t approve such discipline for fear of lawsuits opposite a district.

New Law: A $120-million mercantile growth package that includes a accumulation of business taxation breaks and incentives that Republicans will wish kindle a economy (HB 7087)

What Does it Do?: The package is a brew of all from a sales taxation holiday to a doubling of a corporate-income taxation grant to $50,000. It also gave a administrator $15 million to spend on incentives for expanding or relocating businesses to a state.

What Does This Mean?: Consumers are many expected to notice a taxation holiday, that will be between Aug. 3 – Aug. 5, only in time for back-to-school sales. It will cover wardrobe and other school-related equipment – yet not books — costing reduction than $75.

New Law: A crackdown on timeshare resale rascal (HB 1001)

What Does it Do?: It cracks down on false selling practices on companies perplexing to resell timeshares.

What Does This Mean?: The new law would need resale agents to entirely divulge their terms, anathema them from collecting a price until a sealed agreement is in place and demarcate them from observant they have an meddlesome customer unless they can yield strike information for that chairman to a owner.

New Law: The 2012-2013 budget

What Does It Do?: Public propagandize appropriation increases by $843.9 million, and a normal per-student spending climbs from $6,224 to $6,375. But Florida’s university complement will get $300 million less, and hospitals and nursing homes would see a total $350 million strike in reduce Medicaid reimbursements. Environmental appropriation did measure a win though, with $8.7 million for a Florida Forever charge land-buying module that was not saved a past dual years.

What Does This Mean?: Universities contend they’ll baggy by another year – regulating pot and charging aloft fee – yet have warned that serve check cuts are unsustainable. Hospitals have warned that they might not be means to offer some specialized diagnosis in a destiny if cuts continue.

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