NASA’S Commercial Crew Partner Sierra Nevada Corporation Completes Dream Chaser Flight Test Milestone


NASA’S Commercial Crew Partner Sierra Nevada Corporation Completes Dream Chaser Flight Test Milestone

LOUISVILLE, Colo. — Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) Space Systems successfully finished a “captive lift test” of a full-scale Dream Chaser orbital organisation car Tuesday, imprinting a new miracle in a company’s bid to rise travel for astronauts to low Earth circuit and a International Space Station.

During a test, a Dream Chaser moody car was carried underneath an Erickson Air-Crane helicopter to consider a vehicle’s aerodynamic moody performance, that will concede additional moody tests in a future. The helicopter flew for approximately an hour nearby a Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Airport in Jefferson County, Colo.
SNC is one of several companies operative to rise blurb organisation travel capabilities underneath a Commercial Crew Development Round 2 (CCDev2) agreement with NASA’s Commercial Crew Program (CCP), that is assisting coax creation and growth of new booster and launch vehicles from a blurb industry.

“This is a really certain success for a Dream Chaser group and their innovative approach,” NASA CCP Program Manager Ed Mango said. “I extol and inspire a designers and engineers to continue their efforts in assembly a objectives of a rest of their CCDev2 milestones.”

The Dream Chaser is designed to lift as many as 7 astronauts to space. It is a usually booster underneath CCDev2 that is swift and designed to land on a required runway. Data from a exam will yield SNC an early event to weigh and infer hardware, comforts and belligerent operations in credentials for proceed and alighting tests scheduled for after this year.

“The successful serf lift moody exam of a Dream Chaser full scale moody car outlines a commencement of SNC’s moody exam program, a module that could cap in crewed missions to a International Space Station for NASA,” pronounced Steve Lindsey, former NASA wanderer and conduct of Dream Chaser’s moody operations for SNC.

Additional milestones heading adult to a exam enclosed evaluating a opening of a categorical alighting rigging comparison for use on a Dream Chaser moody vehicle, an interface exam to denote a recover resource between a booster antecedent and a heavy-lift helicopter, and a consummate moody exam willingness examination with engineers, technical experts and member from SNC and NASA. Another miracle evaluated a subdivision complement harmony of Dream Chaser with a initial launch vehicle, a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket, that would be used to recover a booster from a rocket’s second theatre after it has placed a booster into low Earth orbit.

All of NASA’s attention partners, including SNC, continue to accommodate their determined milestones in building blurb organisation travel capabilities.

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