NASA Administrator Bolden Visits SpaceX Headquarters


NASA Administrator Bolden Visits SpaceX Headquarters

WASHINGTON — NASA Administrator Charles Bolden visited SpaceX Headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif., Thursday, capping a debate of SpaceX comforts to appreciate employees for their partial in creation a initial goal by a private association to a International Space Station a success.

Bolden and SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk addressed some-more than 1,000 employees who helped design, launch and safely redeem a company’s Dragon plug in May following a outing to a space station.

“NASA has a sights set on reaching an asteroid and Mars and blurb space companies like SpaceX are assisting make that probable by holding over a severe travel of load to low Earth orbit,” Bolden said. “The International Space Station is a pivotal to a tellurian spaceflight efforts right now and SpaceX’s successful resupply proof goal helped safeguard it can grasp a full potential. We demeanour brazen to Dragon apropos a unchanging caller to a station.”

While on-site, Bolden had an event to see a initial Dragon booster to be recovered by a association in Dec 2010, following a proof goal to circuit and safely lapse a capsule.

The outing to Hawthorne followed a revisit by Bolden and Musk Wednesday to a SpaceX Rocket Development Facility in McGregor, Texas, where they noticed a many recently recovered Dragon capsule. The booster splashed down in a Pacific Ocean May 31 following a 9-day goal to lift and lapse load to a space station.

Bolden also had a event to perspective some of a 1,367 pounds of load a Dragon booster returned to Earth. Dragon now is a usually booster able of returning a poignant apportion of scholarship experiments and load from a station. Experiments will be given behind to researchers anticipating to benefit new insights supposing by a station’s singular microgravity environment. The load was eliminated to NASA Jun 13 and will be taken to a agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston for serve processing.

Dragon’s tour to a hire was SpaceX’s second proof goal underneath NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services (COTS) Program, that provides investments dictated to lead to unchanging resupply missions to a space hire and kindle a blurb space attention in a United States.

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