NASA Administrator Bolden Views Historic SpaceX Dragon Capsule


NASA Administrator Bolden Views Historic SpaceX Dragon Capsule

WASHINGTON — NASA Administrator Charles Bolden assimilated SpaceX CEO and Chief Designer Elon Musk during a SpaceX Rocket Development Facility in McGregor, Texas, Wednesday to see a initial blurb space plug to finish a goal to a International Space Station.
Bolden and Musk also thanked a some-more than 150 SpaceX employees operative during a McGregor trickery for their purpose in a ancestral mission. SpaceX’s Dragon plug done story May 31 when it returned to Earth after delivering reserve to a space station.

“The Dragon plug is a discernible instance of a new epoch of scrutiny maturation right now,” NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said. “Commercial space is apropos a existence as SpaceX and a other blurb partners demeanour forward to destiny missions to a space hire and other destinations. we honour Elon Musk and a whole SpaceX group again for this ancestral milestone.”

While on-site, Bolden had a eventuality to perspective some of a 1,367 pounds of load a booster returned to Earth from a space station. Dragon is a usually booster able of returning a poignant apportion of scholarship experiments and load from a station. Experiments will be given behind to researchers anticipating to benefit new insights supposing by a station’s singular microgravity environment. The load was eliminated to NASA Jun 13 and will be taken to a agency’s Johnson Space Center in Houston for serve processing.

Dragon’s tour to a hire was SpaceX’s second proof goal underneath NASA’s Commercial Orbital Transportation Services Program (COTS), that provides investments dictated to lead to unchanging resupply missions to a International Space Station and kindle a blurb space attention in a United States. The goal began May 22 as a plug launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. After a maneuverability and cancel systems were tested, organisation members of Expedition 31 aboard a hire grappled a plug and berthed it to a orbiting laboratory.

Dragon, a extraneous destroyed by a feverishness of re-entry, splashed down in a Pacific Ocean May 31. SpaceX recovered a plug immediately and ecstatic it to McGregor, where engineers unloaded load and private dangerous materials. Dragon will be shipped to SpaceX Headquarters in Hawthorne, Calif., after this year.

On Thursday, Bolden and Musk will be during SpaceX Headquarters and pronounce with reporters during 9 a.m. PDT. They will see a Dragon booster that flew a initial COTS proof goal in Dec 2010, during that SpaceX became a initial private association to redeem a booster after it orbited Earth. They also will see a antecedent Dragon booster being designed to lift astronauts to a space hire as partial of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.

Media member wishing to attend Thursday’s eventuality should email for information on entrance to a facilities.

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