Kids Have Fun Starting Seeds during a FAIR

Fellow Associate Editor Jennifer Kongs and we lucked out when a Puyallup, Wash., FAIR workshops were scheduled: We got to benefaction during a kids’ stage, assisting kids brew homemade seed-starting mix, adorn pots and plant veggie seeds.

Here is a seed-starting brew recipe we followed if you’d like to try consistent your possess during home:

18 quarts vermiculite 

12 quarts coir 

12 quarts compost 

3/4 crater (5 ounces) blood meal 

1/2 cup (5 ounces) limestone 

1 2/3 cups (1 pound) greensand 

A million interjection to a friends during Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply for donating a reserve for a workshop.

The kids had good fun — and generally desired removing their hands dirty. They might have been a small bashful during initial …

 But eventually they all dug in with gusto!

Seed Starting 2

 The kids were all smiles when they satisfied that removing mud all over a place was not usually allowed, though encouraged.

Seed Starting 3

 Jennifer helped any member select either they wanted to plant broccoli, lettuce, beans or kale.

Seed Starting 4

 We done some smashing friends and had a blast. Be certain to move your kids to a subsequent MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR to suffer a fun, hands-on workshops.

Seed Starting 5