How to Make a Homemade Garden Soaker Hose

Lilah Pengra shares her beam to creation a homemade garden soaker hose by sewing together cosmetic scraps.

Joined strips homemade soaker hose

Each summer a hot, dry winds of South Dakota
dehydrate my poetic garden. But we never had a income to buy enough
soaker hose for my 4,000-square-foot tract . . . or adequate H2O to keep
regular hoses using for hours during a time. So I’d finish adult deciding
whether to let a corn grow and a beans die or to save half of each.


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How to Make a Homemade Garden Soaker Hose

Then we struck on a process of creation my garden soaker hoses from bits of 4- and
6-mil plastic. we cut 3-1/2 inch-wide pieces and stitch them together to form
thin strips a length of my garden rows. Then, with those seams all on
the outside, we overlay any prolonged frame in half and stitch it into a tube
(leaving a 1/4-inch margin). The H2O soaks out of a garden soaker hose by this prolonged seam; the
incomparable a needle and a stitches, a faster a flow.

To arrange my whole homemade garden soaker hose system, we use customary vigour reducers, hose
connectors, tees, and elbows where necessary, along with a prodigious
amount of fasten and even staples. we lay a sewn hoses in all my garden
rows and mulch directly on tip of them to cut down on evaporation and to
extend a life of a plastic. (Even so, a hoses won’t final forever.
we have to be clever to get them out of a garden before they

And let me tell you, my homegrown soaker might demeanour a bit funny, though it works!