Florida male won’t be charged in bestiality case

Florida authorities are unable to prosecute a former animal preserve workman indicted of behaving sex acts on a dog since of a loophole in a state’s anti-bestiality laws — a growth that has angry animal activists.

While a Sunshine State law enacted final year prohibits bestiality, it doesn’t categorically dissuade verbal sex with animals, a Tampa Bay Times reported Wednesday.

Now, animal advocacy groups are job for an amendment to a law after a Pinellas-Pasco State Attorney’s Office reportedly declined to assign think Eric Antunes with animal cruelty for allegedly enchanting in verbal sex with his girlfriend’s three-legged pit-bull mix.

Antunes, however, does face child pornography-related charges after military pronounced a Clearwater male allegedly certified to downloading and observation kiddie porn on his computer, according to reports.

Rick Chaboudy, executive executive of a Suncoast Animal League, told a Tampa Bay Times he wants Florida to “do divided with a gray areas” in a anti-bestiality law.

“We need to tighten adult this lax loophole,” Chaboudy said. “This is one of those crimes that we can’t presumably suppose that it goes on, though I’m certain during one indicate in time, somebody pronounced a same thing about child pornography.”

Initially, an unknown tipster told military that Antunes, 29, allegedly had child porn on his computer, according to reports. That led them to learn 6 cinema of him intent in purported sex acts with a pit-bull brew named Ruby.

The purported images were found on his dungeon phone, and he was arrested May 1, CBSMiami reported.

Antunes formerly worked as a agreement worker during a Pinellas County Humane Society and is a live-in-boyfriend of Katerina Williamson, who also worked as a organizations’ medical director, a Tampa Bay Times said. She reportedly quiescent after his arrest.

Authorities pronounced they do not have explanation that Williamson was wakeful of her boyfriend’s purported unlawful activities with her dog.

Assistant State Attorney Beverly Andringa declined to assign Antunes with bestiality since usually one of a 6 photos found on his dungeon phone “would accommodate a despotic criteria of a statute,” she told a Tampa Bay Times.

In addition, officials were not certain if that design was taken before a new laws went into effect, potentially creation a box formidable to prosecute, a journal said.

Williamson and Antunes declined to criticism to a newspaper.

Twila Cole, a Humane Society’s executive of development, told CBS Miami that Antunes “was never on a skill operative unsupervised.”

Another Humane Society employee, Eric Eagle, remembered Antunes as a “strange” male who never talked to anyone besides Williams, he told a Tampa Bay Times.

Despite Antunes’ peculiar behavior, Eagle added, he never suspicion his former co-worker had a opposite kind of affinity for dogs than many people.

“That is sick,” Eagle told a journal of a allegations. “I didn’t see anything like that.”

In follow-up visits, authorities found Ruby to be good cared for and in good health, according to reports.

Antunes’ prosecution for a child publishing charges is scheduled for Jul 2.