Florida Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Consultants

Providing a business with a best veteran superintendence to a clients, in a design, investigate and a item government of their thatch and waterproofing needs.

Our exchange with a clients will be noted by professionalism, honesty, tough work and a honour for a clients needs. We will say high levels of productivity, potency and professionalism and constantly essay to urge a service. Benchmark Consulting will invariably reinvest in a association to say and urge a ability to use a clients.

COMMERCIAL ROOFING CONSULTING – A roof complement is a building asset. Owners currently commend a stress of a investment they have done in safeguarding their building and a essence from H2O damage, in terms of both a roof’s cost and a deputy value. Even yet a manufacturer’s or contractor’s guaranty might have been purchased, a building owners continues to be obliged for correct roof caring and maintenance.

COMMERCIAL WATERPROOFING CONSULTING – The primary duty of building pouch is to strengthen opposite H2O intrusion. When a building pouch fails, a formula are mostly costly, thespian and disastrous. Poorly designed or confirmed building envelopes can leave a route of litigious problems that can take years and many dollars to diagnose and repair. Below class waterproofing can also be a source of a building Owner’s nightmares.

ANALYSIS – Assist a building Owner in creation an sensitive preference on a instruction of their goals, by evaluating and examining all information regarding to a existent ROOFING and WATERPROOFING condition of their building.

PLANNING – Benchmark Consulting Group will rise an fit devise of action, over an determined duration time, to best grasp a building Owner’s goals.

BUDGETING – Our knowledge in this attention will assistance we in substantiating budgets in a many cost effective way. From benefaction day spending, to formulating a appropriation module for destiny projects, Benchmark Consulting Group can beam we by a process.

MATERIAL MANUFACTURER REVIEW – Our prolonged tenure attribute with manufacturers provides business with an evident advantage in selecting a correct product for a specific application. Maximizing dollars spent contra a product used as good as evaluating and examining manufacturer’s warranties.

CONTRACTOR REVIEW – The 30 and years spent in this attention allows Benchmark Consulting Group to assistance we in selecting a correct contractors for specific projects. Benchmark Consulting Group will settle a contractor’s education and references by inquisitive research.


PRE-CONSTRUCTION CONFERENCES – Benchmark will reason a pre-construction discussion with a Contractor, Manufacturer’s Representative and a Owner to examination all procedures compulsory for a project. To settle construction and coordination schedules.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT – Benchmark will manage a whole plan to completion. Assist a Owner and a Contractor with all plan coordination and requirements.

PROJECT MONITORING AND INSPECTIONS – Benchmark will guard and check a plan on a unchanging basement to protection all work is being finished according to skeleton and specifications. To best offer a Owner’s seductiveness in workmanship. Benchmark will yield investigation logs and reports for documentation.

PROJECT CLOSEOUT – Benchmark will check all work finished with a Owner, a Manufacturers Representative and Contractor for final acceptance.

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