Easy Mobility for Teleworkers, Road Warriors and Travelers Hassled by Baggage & Fees

Luggage – either lift on or checked – can be a lamentation of any highway warrior, business traveler or home officer attack a road.  Forgetting for a impulse a billions airlines hillside in from checked bag fees (one now charges for carryons), few bags are matched to a intersection of business collection (laptop, tablet, chargers, etc.) and personal equipment (clothes, toiletries, miscellaneous detritus). This July, Skooba Design offers a Laptop Weekender.

I’ve used a imperishable Oakley trek as my transport bag for years. It binds my laptop and accessories, and about a day’s wardrobe (more in a summer, when shorts are in sequence and flip-flops suffice). The Weekender is designed evidently for a “on-the-move techies,” this “hybrid” carryon bag combines a insurance and classification of a laptop/electronics box with a make-up ability of a high-end transport duffel.

As a name implies, it provides room for a day or dual of wardrobe and transport necessities. The dedicated compartments for adult to a 15-inch laptop, iPad, and full element of unstable wiring keeps things in a place. The all-in-one pattern eliminates a need to lift a second carryon for convenience travel, or other situations where a apart business box isn’t needed.

It also has some-more than a dozen pockets and organizers surrounding a vast categorical make-up compartment. The laptop slot is designed for fast-access and is stable by Skooba’s disdainful Bumper Bar™ padding. The front appendage territory facilities padded storage for phone, audio, camera, cables, accessories and more. One of a vast finish pockets includes a padded sleeve for iPad or e-reader, a other additional storage space for transport supplies. All compartments are fully-lined and underline double-zip closures.

The new Laptop Weekender V.3 will start shipping in a commencement of July, during a suggested sell cost of $179.95. Pre-order information, full specs and other sum can be found during www.skoobadesign.com.

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