Cheap Gardening Containers: How to Find and Use Them

Cheap gardening containers are easy to find with a few useful tips, and they can be used for a accumulation of garden projects.

Stand Up and Garden

Stand Up and Garden (The Countryman Press, 2012) by Master Gardener Mary Moss-Sprague is a finish how-to beam for raised-bed gardening that allows anyone to grow strong fruits and vegetables in any climate. Change a approach we garden with this mention from Chapter 3, “Containers – Your Chance to Get Creative on a Cheap!” and learn how to repurpose tubs and troughs of all shapes and sizes for use as inexpensive gardening containers.  


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Should we be code new to a gardening scene, be positive that there is no one figure of enclosure that’s some-more “correct” for garden use than another. Long, short, wide, square, round—all are ideally good. This also relates to materials from that a containers are made. Wood, ceramic, pottery, fiberglass, plastic/resin/polyethylene—it’s far-reaching open to personal choice and careful considerations. If we already have a enclosure collection, make certain that it is matched to a plants we wish to grow before we assign gung-ho into planting. Reading a rest of this section will assistance we confirm if we need anything different. Remember one really critical thing: Your containers must all have drainage holes or be means to withstand carrying holes drilled in them but violation apart. Without correct drainage, your plants are cursed to fail.

Finding Cheap Gardening Containers

Certainly, there are many really appealing (and expensive) pots and planters accessible in stores. The some-more practical choices customarily cost distant less. Containers can mostly be found during yard sales, preservation stores, and other secondhand vendors, and we inspire we to go scouting for what we need before shopping anything. Five-gallon food-grade use buckets can mostly be had for giveaway during supermarkets or restaurants. Whiskey barrels cut in half work well; even vast aged lorry tires will serve, when placed prosaic on a belligerent and a vale filled with soil, nonetheless they’re not really aesthetically pleasing. Plant nurseries and garden centers infrequently sell off unneeded inventory, too, and we might be means to find some good containers during these places.

This is generally loyal if you’re in a marketplace for larger, molded cosmetic tubs, also famous as grower’s pots. If we don’t find these large fellas locally, a Internet is a good place to buy them during inexpensive prices. Just set your hunt engine for something like “plastic grower’s pots,” and we should find copiousness of vendors who will be happy to boat to you. Three-, 4-, and 5-gallon pots can cost as small as a dollar apiece, maybe even less. The customarily locate is that there is customarily a smallest sequence of 50 or 100. But that shouldn’t be a problem if we have friends or kin who also wish these containers. Simply share a cost of a shipment, and you’re in business!