Capps, Hanna Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Protect and Promote Organic Farming

The legislation would extend a USDA’s National Organic Program a legislative management to some-more effectively strengthen a firmness of approved organic products.


Today Congresswoman Lois Capps (CA-23) and Congressman Richard Hanna (NY-24) introduced bipartisan legislation, a Organic Standards Protection Act, to guarantee that products temperament a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) organic sign approve with a Organic Foods Production Act of 1990.  The legislation, permitted by a accumulation of California cultivation and consumer groups, would strengthen a flourishing organic tillage attention and a expanding consumer bottom by extenuation a USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) a legislative management it needs to some-more effectively strengthen a firmness of approved organic products.


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According to a news by a Organic Trade Association (OTA), a U.S. organic marketplace in 2011 surpassed $31 billion for a initial time, representing 9.5 percent growth. The organic food attention also generated some-more than 500,000 American jobs in 2010. The Central Coast ranked 2nd in California in 2009 organic plantation sales, generating over $224 million in revenue. The 23rd district of California ranks 30th nationally in a series of organic farms.

“This bipartisan legislation is a win-win, for Central Coast farmers and businesses who consistently accommodate a top standards for organic products and for consumers who merit to know that all products on grocery store shelves labeled ‘USDA organic’ belong to consistently high standards.  Failing to weed out imposter products puts a organic industries during a rival waste and could potentially repairs a code of organic products,” pronounced Capps.

“Organic tillage is a flourishing attention in upstate New York, that is formulating jobs and assembly an augmenting consumer demand,” Hanna said.  “This check takes commonsense stairs to make certain USDA has a collection required to strengthen a firmness of a organic sign and guarantee this sepulchral attention from unethical producers.”

“The Organic Trade Association supports a thoroughfare of a Organic Standards Protection Act which, if enacted, will give a U.S. Department of Agriculture and National Organic Program additional collection to guarantee a firmness of a USDA Organic seal. Consumers expostulate a expansion in organic food and tillage and progressing their trust is vicious to a destiny of this fast-growing job-creating zone of agriculture,” pronounced Christine Bushway, CEO of OTA. “On interest of a 6,500 approved organic operations national that OTA represents, we extol a care of Congresswoman Capps to position organic to accommodate consumer expectations into a future,” she added.