Birdbaths Are Good for a Garden

I trust that a birdbath is one of a best additions we can make to a garden, for a series of reasons. But before we go into those, hear me roar: Get absolved of your birdfeeder!

That’s right. Get absolved of your birdfeeder and instead essay to make your whole garden a healthy birdfeeder, with a food-rich medium that birds will find out on their own; usually supplement water. Sure, birdfeeders attract lots of engaging birds, yet during what price? Birdfeeders also attract squirrels, raccoons, and, in my town, bears. Who needs that?

Certainly not a birds. Keeping a birdfeeder stocked with seeds for birds to quarrel over reminds me of how too many of America eats: with quick food so inexpensive and so zodiacally permitted that people lay around, and worse, expostulate around, eating junk food as a pastime, with frightening results. Do we unequivocally wish to do that to birds? 


OK, here’s what a birdbath can do for your garden. Birds will come to your birdbath for a H2O they need — for celebration and for grooming. While they’re unresolved around they will hunt for a insects and worms and seeds and flower tools they like to eat. In a routine they will assistance aerate a soil, assistance husband passed plant material, and assistance keep plants healthy as they assimilate pests. Yes, birds competence eat some fruit, generally if we grow berries or cherries, yet gardeners can positively take stairs to lessen losses.

The birds feeding in your garden will uncover we some-more about their healthy function than they will during a feeder. we adore to watch goldfinches roost on tip of my Jerusalem artichoke blooms and hook upside down as they remove a seeds.


The males are shining yellow, yet a females are mostly olive immature and mix in ideally with a stalks. we adore to lay on a porch and watch one bird after another come to a bath and splash.

Here’s an astonishing bonus: birdbaths give wasps and other profitable insects a place to cold off and dash in a prohibited summer months, and some of these, like a wasps, are extensive predators of cabbage worms and other mortal pests.


The some-more drifting insects in a garden, too, a improved fruit pollination will be.

Finally, a birdbath will make your garden some-more beautiful, giving it a relaxing focus.

What to Look For 

No need to get imagination with a birdbath, no need for splendid ceramic bowls or exuberant shapes. In my 25 years or so of examination birds during my birdbath, we have come to consider that birds preference a plain petrify bowl, generally one with a really shoal representation rather than a low pool. The shoal representation lets smaller birds wade in, where they can mount adult and purify their feathers instead of carrying to burst in.

Look for petrify birdbaths during any garden center, or if we live circuitously a nation there competence be a production plant circuitously with roadside sales of garden sculpture.

Don’t worry that a birdbath looks tender and splendid during first. It will age shortly enough. Place a birdbath and pedestal on a firm, turn bottom in a garden, but, again, zero fancy. It could be a integrate of bricks placed side by side, or a block of paving tile.

The critical thing is to leave copiousness of open area around a birdbath so that birds can see any predators from apart off. And place a birdbath circuitously a roost of some sort, either in a tiny open tree or on a gazebo or arbor. That lets birds indicate a setting from high adult before swooping in to a bath.

 apple pruned birdbath 

Keeping foliage privileged behind is a large plea for me. we do excellent in a winter, here in a plateau of North Carolina, when all a foliage dies to a ground, save for a tiny fruit trees in a front yard. But once open arrives, a flowers take over, and we have to spasmodic shear behind a expansion in mid-season to keep a birdbath open.

Speaking of winter, my birding mentor, Curtis Smalling of a Audubon Society, says that birds need H2O many desperately in cold winter months, when open H2O is scarce. He recommends a exhilarated birdbath or a birdbath heater. Sources abound. 

spring birdbath

In summer, when gloppy things grows flattering quick in comfortable water, we competence need to dumpy out a birdbath with a handle brush each week or so to keep it looking nice. In winter, if we live in a really cold segment where ice lingers, take a play off a pedestal and gaunt it over or put it in a garage or strew so it doesn’t fill with ice and crack.

Birdbath Memories 

I have lovely, apart memories of my Grandma Koch’s immature backyard in parochial Illinois. The grass was orderly edged, and a tawny hydrangea underbrush granted a usually genuine color. And there was a birdbath, always stimulating clean. we don’t remember birds in it, usually a tiny pool of water.

More recently we have lived for about 5 years during a bustling travel dilemma circuitously downtown Asheville, N.C. The birds don’t seem to mind a sound and traffic, and come to a bath each day; they’re mostly brawling, dominant mockingbirds anyway. For 25 years before that, though, we lived in a tiny towering city and a birdbath was a vital source of entertainment.

There competence be dual or 3 class during a birdbath during once: sparrow, robin, and pigeon, for example. One time 5 tiny birds got in a bath together to dash around. And there were rare, sparkling visits from hummingbirds. A crony of cave had a furious turkey in her birdbath.

Place your birdbath where we can suffer a show.

Nan K. Chase is a author of
EatYour Yard! Edible trees, shrubs, vines, spices and flowers for your landscape