All You Need to Know to Eat Good, Grass-Fed Meat

Learn how to select and use inexpensive cuts of grass-fed beef, free-range duck and pastured pig for improved nourishment and out-of-this-world flavor.

Grass-Fed Cows

Over a years, many incidents desirous me to write a book about grass-fed meat. One such time came when we review a New York Times article in that a author wrote about not meaningful how to prepare lamb shoulder. we was struck by how we’d mislaid a ability to prepare anything some-more than steaks, burgers and chops.


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A second time was a approval that, years before anyone was a “locavore,” scarcely all my family ate came from within a 20-mile radius of a home. we suspicion this was engaging though not terribly useful for others, until we began to notice that it was increasingly probable to eat this approach interjection to CSA (community upheld agriculture) programs, farmers markets and internal food websites.

A third occurrence done an even bigger impression. My husband, who has high cholesterol, happened to have his blood tested after a initial year of eating local, wholly pastured meat. Although he had separated desserts from his diet, he still ate a supernatural volume of meat. Without serve bid on his part, his bad cholesterol (LDL) count had left down 40 points! That done me investigate a health advantages of grass-fed meat.

As we baked my approach by a entertain of beef, half a pig and a whole lamb, we detected cuts and tastes we hadn’t gifted in years. Most grocery stores don’t batch briskets, brief ribs, lamb breasts, pig’s trotters or pig shanks. It was a provide to prepare them and a pleasure to share their flavors with friends and family. What is unusual is that, once tasted, a lively, honest flavors of pastured beef emanate present converts.

What Is Pastured Meat?

Beef and other ruminants are generally called “grass-fed,” while pig and ornithology are referred to as “pastured” or “free-range.” The essential indicate is that these animals spend their whole lives eating what they were designed by inlet to eat and removing exercise, uninformed atmosphere and sunlight. They tend to be healthy, with no need for antibiotics or other drugs. Because they operation by rotating pastures, they aren’t stressed or crowded. When grass-fed animals are authorised to grow solemnly and naturally to a suitable estimate weight, they don’t need expansion hormones.

Pastured animals furnish fertiliser that enriches a fields they ramble on and nourishes birds, compelling a different ecosystem. Grass-fed beef and divert are increasingly famous as healthier and consistently reduce in bad fat than industrial products.

In further to holding partial in a cycle that nourishes pasture rather than exhausting a soil, pastured animals are a tolerable choice since a beef can be performed locally in each state. This drastically reduces a distances products contingency be shipped, and shopping it helps tiny farmers make a vital caring for their land and animals.

Industrial Versus Grass-Fed Meat